2011 Texas hunt

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    Dec 21, 2008
    A friend invited me to hunt a 900 acre lease near Miller Creek in northern Texas and I didn't have to have my arm twisted! I was en route to LaGuardia airport post haste! I saw 10-15 deer a day. The majority were bucks checking for does at feeders. I passed up five or six 8 pointers as big or bigger than I've ever shot and finally killed a 10 pointer that wasn't as big but because.......well, I never shot a ten before. How he got this ball of frayed nylon tangled on one side is beyond me. I couldn't pull it off no how. Had to cut it off. I was able to rattle in a couple of deer, call in and poke a dog or three and drop a 200 lb. sow. I'm gonna keep my bags packed in case I get invited back!

    PS. That 140 Berger VLD out of the 6.5-284 absolutely stops em in their tracks!