2010 north dakota gratis tag

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    Jan 13, 2010

    Here is a picture of my 2010 Gratis tag. For those of you who don't know what that is the gratis tag is given free of charge to land owners in ND. This tag is good from the opening of bow season thru the end of bow season and allows the land owner to hunt with what ever season/weapon is open until the tag is filled. I sometime fill with the bow sometimes the rifle or muzzleloader. Now back to the buck. Now all B.S. aside if you looked at my other post of my mule deer you'll think this is B.S. but it is true. I shot the mule beast at alittle after 1:00 and it was warm so I got him home caped and boned out and in the freezer. I found my arrow that I shot him with. This is where it gets a little unbelieveable. I had on my land a very large whitetail that I had gotten video of last summer so I put up some feeders(baiting is legal in ND). I cleaned up my arrow and put on a new broadhead, and thought to myself I'm going to get that big whitey with the same arrow tonight on opening night. Had this happened this would've been one of the best openers ever for anybody ever. Just my thoughts. Anyhow, I got cleaned up and out to my blind with plenty of time. I'll make this short, that big SOB came right in. I drew camly and released at thirty yards. My upper limb contacted the top of the blind and I shot over his back, to say I was sick, well a sob story you don't want to hear after reading my mule story. But it was a lesson learned. Buy the big expensive blinds so you'll have room when you need it. I don't hunt out of blinds much mostly stand and spot and stalk. Four days later I went out to redeem myself and tagged this real nice 5x6 not the big guy but I was plenty happy. My dad missed the big one a week after I shot the 5x6, he shot thru the blind because he was worried about his limb hitting the roof. Damn you cheap --- blind with little windows.