2009 Missouri opening day buck


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Sep 26, 2005
South Central Missouri
Took this buck on opening day of Missouri gun season. Buck gross scored 156 5/8, my best buck yet.

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Thats a nice buck! My friend hunts in Missouri and says if you are going to get a good one, it has to be openning day. I think he says that because after the commotion of opening day, all the big deer are spooked.
Nice buck, My dad is out their now rifle hunting he's near rockport missouri . Have you ever hunted in this area? I had recently posted a thread asking what size the deer are out in missouri no one answered I guess I know now:)

Thanks guys, the deer first off was taken on public land that gets hunted alot. The area is open timber that I can see for about 250 yards. This location is best with a south wind and that is what we had opening day. Even though it was 78 degrees when I took the buck, that is why I don't have alot of photos of me and the buck. It just got to hot to not take care of him right off the bat. The shot was not long range, he walked up on me from my right and all I saw at first was a shadow coming at me when he first came in. I had planned on hunting all day if need be, and took the shot at 9: 55 am. He saw me move my rifle and all I could see was his head and neck sticking around a large oak tree. He was around 80 yards and I hit him in the base of the neck right above the fold of hair on his brisket. Dropped in his tracks. I used my 257 stw with 110 accubonds. My scales showed that he was 178 lbs dress, but later found out that they were 18 lbs off. So I don't know for sure if he was 178 or 196 lbs dressed, I do know it was hell getting him out of the woods by myself. He had a 24 in neck when we caped him out so he was a nice deer for the area.
For as far as how big of deer we have in Missouri, it all depends. We have the current #1 non-typical whitetail at over 333 in. Southern Missouri does not have alot of crop land, very little. There are good deer though and I have seen several over the years that would make this one look like a baby. My sister is hunting a buck right now that is pushing about a 26 in outside spead that I hunted last year. I hope she gets a crack at him, she had him with in 20 yards last night and did not know he was there. Again thanks and I hope every one has a safe and productive season this year. Oldfamily
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