20 Practical Load Development. OMG !!!


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Jun 15, 2010

Today I met up with Nigel (AKA Minkstone) at Garlands and we did a bit of load development with my 20 Practical, the rifle specification is as below.

Totally standard factory Tikka T3 Stainless action.
Factory Trigger with an upgraded spring set at 1.5lb.
Totally standard factory Tikka T3 Tactical stock.
26" Stainless PacNor Sendero Super Match barrel.
Rebarreled by Neil Mckillop. (Dasherman)

The velocities ranged from 3550-4000fps.

I am absolutely over the moon with the results this rifle is producing, I have now removed the Zeiss Victory scope and have replaced it with my point and shoot 3-12x50 Duralyt.

I will now be loading a batch at 23.8grains of Viht 133 to see how that load pans out. To be totally honest, this rifle is going to be my point and shoot rifle out to 300yds I doubt I will do more load development with it, the groups it is generating is flattering my abilities and in the field at night I won't have the time to ponce about with bags to shoot off anyway.

Thanks Neil, its an absolute tack driver and a dream to shoot.


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Nov 24, 2010
Colorado, Front Range
What is the twist on the barrel. I run mine with 24.1gr of H4198. WSR primer, LC 09' and the 32gr Z-max simply for the $$. I was shooting the 39gr SBK @ 23.5gr of H4198 but now own 3000 32gr z-max's because I found them for $60 per 500. the extra speed pushes them flatter than the 39's but the lower BC is effected more by the wind, so its a toss up that my pocket book won when it came time to stock up.


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