20 gauge slugs for water buffalo?


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Sep 19, 2012
Spring Lake Michigan
Whats your thoughts on slugs for water buffalo. I am gonna give it a shot this winter and was gonna shoot accutips. They should have plenty of penetration. I like how hard buckhammers hit but don't think they will go deep enough any thoughts.
Have no experience with either of those slugs, having stuck to Remington 3". But I much prefer the 20ga over the 12! Have had multiple pass thru's on whitetails so if you get a premium slug you should do fine IMO.
Have a look at the Big bore thread going here. Really impressive amount of information. I want to Handload a heavy hitting slug for my Savage 220! 2 3/4" Accu tips shoot great but I want more oomph!
Years ago I rolled the biggest buck I have ever sean with a shoulder shot @ 40 yards with a 20ga. Long story short he still had a small indent on his shoulder and a flattened stug in him 6 years later along with a coupe of arrowheads. Have not used 20ga since and never will again!!!
If you deside to use a 20ga have at least 2 people videoing it as it could get interesting:D
Slugs do not have a very high sectional density compared to rifle bullets. My advise is to not use them for the big bovines.

Unless you are limited to slugs only, then go for the hardest, non expander versions you can find.
Been doing some comparing heres what I came up with. First after switching to accutips I have shot clean through every hog I have shot even through the shoulder. This fall was Lucky enough to recover a slug. Deer quartering away 153 yards away went in about 17 inches broke two ribs the shoulder and got caught buy the skin. Perfect expansion and still weighed 240 grains. That being said I also compared it to the 45-70. Bullets are in the same spectrum of weight. The 20 slug shoots about 600 fps faster with the same bullet weight. 45-70 has been a go to gun for buffalo for years. Am I missing anything because this tells me the 20 should be better. Same weight straight lead to lead slugs but one moves fast logic says it should be better right?
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