20 ga ruger model 1 project ?'s

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    Nov 29, 2010
    I live in MD and am required to use a shotgun for gun season. I have used an 870 for years and want to assemble a project for long range or at least semi long range slug hunting. I have considered both the hr slug hunter ultra and t/c encore pro hunter for out of the box performance and they may be the direction I go.

    Here is what I'm thinking. I know the Ruger model 1 isn't the best long range platform base out there but for what I'm considering for range I believe I'd be ok. From what I see from my research the model 1 will can chamber the .577 nitro express. The 20 ga is .018 larger in rim diameter and .038 larger at the base of the case. So it's well within reason that the model 1 could be chambered in 20 ga.

    Have a custom 28 or 30" barrel cut, chambered in 20 ga 2 1/2 brass shells. This would require custom bullets most likely in .618 or .615 diameter. I'm fairly certain a bullet on bore setup would be much more accurate than the sabots in popular use these days. Something with a high sd. Somehow get the bullet weight down. I think if the charge and powders were played with it could tame down the recoil. It would be perfectly legal if the head stamp said 20 ga and there are no brass shell restrictions for me. Not sure if there are any in other states. Keep the gun weight up as much as possible and build a 300+ yard slug gun. Just a thought.
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