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SOLD/EXPIRED ***2 Sets of New 34mm Rings***


Non-Profit Sponsor
Mar 30, 2008
Too many sets of rings not being used-
First up is a set of new USO 34mm medium rings. Really an awesome pair of rings, just no scope to use them with.
Here is a link for more information.
U.S. OPTICS - Rings 34mm Low 1.125" - Rings and Mounts - Accessories - USO Gear
Price-$175 shipped.

Second pair of rings is a new set of ARC M-10 rings. I bought these for a 56mm scope that did not pan out. The fit and finish on these rings is second to none! Medium height.
Here is a link for more information.

American Rifle - American Rifle Company, Inc.
Price-$150 shipped
Thanks for looking, have a blessed day.

USO rings

ARC rings