2 new rifles to the range

Discussion in 'South' started by Gitthatdawg, Aug 1, 2010.

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    Jun 21, 2010
    i recently traded in to 2 new rifles a blr 257 roberts and a 270 wsm. They are both tack drivers i can not believe it. i only shot at the 100yrd line but dang. they booth shoot 1 ragged hole. the 270wsm scared me i had a 5 shot group that was less than a .5 but was about .5 off the bull. i adjusted and it started shooting all over the place. i started checking all the mounts and could not figure it out. after a short cease fire the rifle had cooled down i shot and was 4" low. lightbulb i checked the brake on it, it was loose. next 5 shots were in the bull. Even running the win 70 hot it still shot to poa. i never shot the blr hot it was dead nuts from the start. i was shoooting flowers with it, looked like 5 pedals. i forgot the chrony to see what my hand loads were pushing but will try next weekend or i feel a sick day comming on.:D