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    Feb 27, 2011
    My son and I headed out to the lease yesterday to work on the hog population. We get in the stands at 2PM and absolutly no activity until 5PM. My feeder goes off at 5:05 and scares every deer in the woods off!! So I chuckled due to the fact some of the deer almost snapped their neck running and bouncing around when the feeder went off.

    At about 530 I see 4 nice hogs coming in, I wanted to try a 2 for 1 since I just rebarreled my 308 using Hornady 150SST's on top of 43.5gra Varget. I lined up a meduim sized hog next to the largest. I aimed for the back hog's top of the heart shot and sent the round through a 130 pounder (Middle lung shot) and took the top of the heart off the larger (183 pounds) hog that was behind it.

    Needless to say very happy with the results and the bragging rights with my son. Very impressed with the SST's going through 2 hogs at 173yds... gun)

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