.17 super mag? accuracy????

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  1. jeepnsammys

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    Mar 18, 2013
    got the new savage b mag! really excited to shoot it and finally got a case of the 20 grainers! long story short after 100 rounds and did all the proper cleaning before during and after this gun shoots terrible!!! at 100 yards 3" groups at best!! i have a 17 hornet that is better but still a long ways from a tack driver. anyone else have one of these rifles with similar results or did i get to lemons? gun)
  2. CooperNV

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    Nov 10, 2008
    Its a rimfire, I get better accuracy when the barrel is fouled and I don't clean until the accuracy diminishes. Granted I don't have 17wsm but it works for all my rimfires 17M2-22mag. Check out Rimfire Central Im sure there a lot on the 17wsm over there.
  3. westcliffe01

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    Jul 6, 2011
    Its a factory gun and they are probably battling with output.. I no longer expect any factory gun to shoot, so I seldom have surprises...

    Check the usual things:
    Barrel free floated (plastic stocks need at least playing card thickness clearance, not $ bill)
    Action bedded (bet not, plastic stock, right ?)
    Tang free floated
    Visit a FFL and look at the chamber, throat and crown carefully. If its junk, send it back
    How is the trigger ?
    Look at the firing pin strikes on the brass. Consistent, light ?