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Nov 7, 2001
Its been awhile since I've posted, so how has evreybody been doing.

Working on a project to shoot 1,200 plus yards with no spotter rounds.I have the next few months to free(thanks to an injury) so I'm going to devote all the time to this.I need the gun to be reletivley light somewhere around 20 pounds.No bench shooting for this one.I am open to all segestions. What action. What would be the best cartridge.Thinking 338Lapua,with 300gr.MK's only..Barrel around 30in. longer if have to. Scope will be U.S.Optics with 300 minuts of travel.Also getting palm pilot for temp. changes,baremetric pressure,altitude,angle ajustments,and every thing else.

Hoping Warren and Darrel,and everybody else will get in on this to.

Thanks in advance.
Here's what I learned the first time I fired my 338 RUM at extended distances. I have a Rem 700 with a 27.5 inch barrel and shoot the 300 Sierra at about 2750fps (now). The rifle weighs about 15 pounds and I have a Leupold 3.5x10 VariX-III Long Range (M1 version)

This is from a post I made a while back.

I know you're all chomping at the bit to hear how it went .

I only had time to fire 7 rounds but it was very enlightening.

I used "The Thing" to get the distances and come-up. Only known good data I had for the 300 Sierra as 100 yards and 413 yards.
I used the computer program discussed by Peter Cronhelm in the Ranging Ballistic program.

The target was a 4 x 8 foot piece of plywood. The Point of Aim is a 14" wide and 17" tall white blob of paint.

My first 3 shots were from 1197 yards, GPS determined. I used the 1200 yard data provided by "The Thing". Figured a 5 mph full-value wind from 9 o'clock. First round (cold bore) struck the backer 12" right and 5" high of point of aim. Second and third round struck 30" high and essentially no right or left deviation. I made no data changes as this is merely a test run for basic data.

I moved to 1730 yards, I couldn't get a good view of the target at 1760. The Thing predicted 66.1 MOA come-up and 4.4 MOA wind. I knew the last two rounds at 1197 were high so I elected to use 64 MOA.
The fella in the impact area, brave sort of guy, was 50 yards left and 100 yards from the face of the target. First round was a no impact observable, as were the remaining 3 shots. We had a couple of cease-fire situations and he couldn't find the impacts. The impact area was grass, about 8 inches tall grass. The light was failing and I drove back to the target. After many minutes of combing grass we found where 3 of the 1730 rounds had struck. They were about 7 feet high, above target center and one was about 2 feet right from target center.

After reflecting on the situation I dicovered two errors in thinking. First is the that I used the data provided by The Thing, which I should have known uses the come-up data for the next increment of range. I had selected 50 yard increments and the comeup data I used was for 1750 yards, not 1730...my error. I believe that at that range every 5 yards is 10" of drop at the target, this would have been a 40" high error, over 2 MOA too much data. I also only subtracted the standard 2 MOA of data error that I had experienced at 1197 yards and I probably should have extrapolated for the added distance? Also, and I believe Darryl and others may have mentioned this, the BC for the 300 Sierra of functionally higher than .768 as I had used.

I had a good time, didn't get many round off but I'm ready to go back this week and shoot again. I also need to get actual data for all my standard distances to 1000 yards.

The guy in the impact area was MOST IMPRESSED with the impact of the big 300 grain Sierra. He's observed many 308 impacts and clearly stated he wanted no part of being the recipient of one of those bullets. The noise of the supersonic 'crack' was audible to many folks, not only the folks directly under the flight path. The rounds were still superconic at the 1730 yards distance and should remain so until about 2000 yards, this is with an initial muzzle velocity of only 2707 fps. "

In addition to the items mentioned above I also concluded that I need elevation settings at my FFP and the TRP. I believe even a small angle will make a considerable difference at 1700 yards. I haven't been able to go shoot at these distances yet but it's nearly Spring (yeah, right!) and I'll be trying it again.

I am in the process and a bit further in the same type of project. I have basically bugged the hell out of DC and begged for his help but have gotten very solid info. from Boyd and others.

I voted against the 338 basically because of the harsh recoil. But I have decided on the 300RUM

here is what I have come up with so far.

I have a Nor-Cal Nighthawk now and I love it so this rifle is based on that.

300 REM RUM action.
McMillian A4 stockJewel trigger adj. from 8 oz to 4 lbs
adj butt spacer system
adj. cheek piece
28.5 " barrel and when you add the tactical vent system you have and overall length of 30"
I am not sure of the twist yet.

I love the nighthawk I have so I asked Jerry Rice to build another based on the 300 RUM

I wanted a 16 lb or less rifle the was a non bench rifle and capable of 1200 yards and 1/2 MOA...

If ya have any questions ask away.....
I to believe that past 900 yds or so, everything about the shot matters.What I'm trying to do is something that I dont think many people out side of the millitary has done.Even in the millitary the data is pretty hard to come by,and the programs are hard to get.Theres a lot to learn,but you got to start somewhere.

I have a 300RUM also.How do you like the PAC-NOR barrels? With 220gr MK's it should be good for one shot hits to 1100 yds. or so,maybe farther.Alot farther if using the spotter methed. I think I am going to put it in a DL M-R 30 stock,with a Lilja 30in. barrel and Vias brake soon though.

Pretty sure this is how the ELR rifle is going to be built.

Lilja barrel 32in.1.25 dia. the full lenth
VIAS muzzel brake
DL MR-30 stock
U.S. OPTICS scope. Maybe external adj. but not sure how rugged it is.
Jewel trigger

Some other things I'll need.
New laser rangefinder, hopefully Russian
PALM PILOT (Waiting for WARREN JENSON's program).
and some Bigeyes.


Sounds like your on your way to having some expermental longrange "GUN FUN."
Your thoughts on equipment are very good and I'm sure the outfit will be capable of doing what you want it to do. Are you going to have a muzzle brake on that rifle or did I miss that?
I'm putting a set of Bushnell Spacemasters (bigeyes)together for another Poster here and have enough parts coming to do two sets if your interested. I've put over 40 Sets together over the years.
Good luck with your project and keep us posted.

You have NEVER bugged me. I'm always glad to help someone out and I know you will be happy with the 300 RUM for the hunting you plan on doing with it. One of these days I may just have to try your hunting area, if you get my drift. Maybe I can see your rifle in action????????


Your shooting the 300 Gr at 2707 FPS. Just as a comparison, my 338/416 Rigby IMP with the 37" barrel spits them out as high as 3310 FPS if I don't care about loading the brass more then 2X. You can imagine my downrange trajectory. We do have two different styles of shooting and rifles. I envy those who can belly shoot or Off hand shoot at extended range. I use a by-pod on my carry guns and the heavy ones are bench mounted.
We have an Ex-PA State champ (across the course and Silouette) at Williamsport that will put it on you off hand with his 308 Win EVERY shot at 1000 yards on a calm day. He put on a deminstration for us and you would not want to be on the impact area if he was shooting at you. He is also 74 years old and still shots the big PA silhouette matches. Just food for thought here.

To everyone.
It's nice to see all these fellows building guns and practicing with them to perfect their skills. This forum is not made up of 3 to 5 day a year shooter/hunters and that's what makes posting here so enjoyable.

The smell of burning gunpowder still makes me "Horney" even after all these years.
Darryl Cassel

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MR. Cassel,
Thank you.
I am planning on putting a muzzle brake on it.Thinking vias but want the on that will let me see my own hits the best.I will have a spotter though.
As soon as I get enough money up for everything I'll need,I'll take a set of those bigeyes.
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