zero stop

  1. B

    5.5x22x50 nxs

    I have a nightforce nxs 5.5x22x50 for sale with Moar reticle, highspeed turrets and zero stop. 1650 with a set of Badger high rings or 1550 for scope only. Not a scratch in second photo. No permanent scratches or marks
  2. JPBCA

    USO B-17 zero stop

    I just bought a USO B-17, sighted it in at the range a couple weeks ago. I'm having trouble setting the zero stop. I tightened the zero stop screw but I can still rotate the elevation turret past where I set the zero stop. Any suggestions?
  3. Bman940

    New NIkon BLACK FX1000- FFP,30mm,Zero-stop

    A lot of guys have asked me about this new scope from Nikon and I think this may give you a lot of the answers you want. One thing, Nikon's max internal adjustment's are conservative and we have found that they are actually about 15-20% higher. Any other question's or suggestion's, let me know...

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