1. T

    For Sale Zermatt TL3 Proof barreled action (300 PRC)

    Testing the waters on my Zermatt TL3 barreled action with proof 24in 1-9 twist barrel chambered in 300 PRC. It is threaded 5/8-24 and has a American Precision arms little bastard gen 2 brake. Also included is a bixnandy tacsport 2 stage trigger. Barrel has exactly 10 rounds through it (212 grain...
  2. Happyshooter

    Fun shorty 28 Nos Project

    One of my clients from Iowa called and asked that I set up a light weight rifle that he could hunt in very thick timber or step out and take a six or seven hundred yard shot if necessary. He was partial to the 28 Nosler that I did for him years ago so we decided to stick with that cartridge...
  3. BornLifted

    SOLD/EXPIRED ***PRICE CUT***Proof Research 300 PRC barrel

    Good Day Hunters Looking to sell a new unfired Proof Research 300 PRC prefit Barrel. It was screwed on an action but never fired. If shipped it will come with a muzzle device to protect threads. Info as follows- Proof Research Zermatt Arms Carbon Fiber Pre-fit Barrels, 300 PRC, 24in, TL3/SR3...
  4. BornLifted

    SOLD/EXPIRED *** SP$ Price Cut***Zermatt Origin Long Action

    Good afternoon, I have a brand new unfired zermatt origin RD3 long action. It has been screwed down into a chassis, a barrel spun on, and a trigger tech special has been installed. Very nice way to step into a custom rifle build without the wait for ordering one from factory. Looking to sell...
  5. Lee7588

    SOLD/EXPIRED Proof 308 pre-fit Zermatt / Bighorn origin carbon fiber

    I have a proof research carbon fiber 308 win with 1 in 10 twist 20" length pre-fit for a Zermatt/Bighorn origin. Has 11 rounds through it (proof break-in) then I decided to change calibers. $750 cashier's check or USPS money order
  6. specter29

    SOLD/EXPIRED Brand New Custom 6mm Creedmoor, Origin short Action, Proof Barrel, KRG Chassis, Hellfire muzzle brake

    Brand new Full Custom 6mm Creedmoor Never fired. 1 in 7 twist 22" Proof Competition Contour Barrel .184 Freebore 5/8"-24 threaded barrel with Hellfire self timing muzzle brake. Origin Short action. Also comes with magnum bolt face. KRG Bravo stock with LOP Spacer kit, Tool-less buttpad height...
  7. K

    SOLD/EXPIRED Bighorn SR3 Short Action

    I purchased this Bighorn SR3 Short Action (standard .473 bolt face) summer of 2020 to build a hunting rifle with a carbon fiber barrel. The build ended up heavier than I wanted, so I have been parting out the build. This is in like new condition. It's been in the woods only three days. To the...
  8. IdahoHunter208

    WTS Bighorn 28 Nosler Manners EH1 Bartlein

    Selling my practically brand new 28 Nosler. Only 76 total rounds fired which included the barrel break in and initial load development with 2 different bullets (195gr Berger EOL and 180gr Hornady ELD-M). All work was done by the well-known gunsmith, Caleb Morris @ Alpha & Omega Rifle and Tool...
  9. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Big horn/Zermatt rimfire barrels

    We have a special shot show price that can be used with you LRH50 (members only promo code) 17HMR/.22LR/17mach2/22Mag https://straightjacketarmory.com/product/zermatt-bighorn-rim-fire-prefit-barrel/