1. SamuelBerryhill308

    Wsm rifle

    Hello all Ivhave been reading about couple different wsm calibers and rifles and have seen alot of people say they have feeding problems I am wondering what brand and model rifles in wsm are good rifles that do not have feeding problems. Thanks
  2. BoatTail

    7mm WSM, 162 gr bullet, RL26, 3170 fps?

    I have been considering a number of short action WSM cartridges to build a rifle around for sheep hunting and just a lighter carry. I recently found Alliant is showing that the 7mm WSM with 162 grain bullets and reloader 26 is able to obtain 3171 feet per second out of a 24-inch Barrel. This is...
  3. Overkill338

    Been thinking about the .325 WSM

    I've been in a big discussion about the .325 WSM on another forum. I wish I had never sold my Savage 14 325. It really was a fun caliber to play with. I've never thought about it much, but what about building a .325 WSM with a 28" Sendero contour barrel. Maybe have it setup with some free-bore ...
  4. BoatTail

    6.5 PRC in a WSM Action?

    I have a Remington 700 short action in 270 WSM with a modified 3.01 inch magazine. I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on rebarreling it to a 6.5 / 300 WSM. Rather than going with the wildcat I was wondering if the 6.5 PRC would feed in a WSM action. My thoughts are that the feed rails maybe...
  5. Floundertrap

    Suggestions on build - browning ab2 - light palma - stock options?

    I'm building a long range rig on a Browning A-Bolt II long action and I'm having a little difficulty with the stock options. I plan for this to be an heirloom rifle and I want it right, even if a little odd. Let me say that I'm building the Browning because I think it's a very well made bolt...
  6. D

    Winchester 300 WSM 1x-fired brass 50 Pieces

    Winchester 300 WSM 1x-fired brass 50 Pieces, brass comes loose. $35.00 Shipped
  7. T

    A-BOLT 2 WSM stock

    No longer needed.
  8. D

    Winchester 300 WSM 1x-fired brass 50 Pieces

    Winchester 300 WSM 1x-fired brass 50 Pieces, brass comes loose. $30.00 plus shipping. Have more Available.
  9. ovastafford

    Custom 300 WSM Rem 700 DCGS Mcmillan Krieger

    Custom 300 WSM built on a Remington 700 short action by Dan Glover of Dan's Custom Guns. Fluted 26" Krieger Sendero contour barrel, PTG bolt, Badger Ordnance 20 moa rail screws opened up to larger 8-48 size and pinned on, Wyatts extended mag box, PTG BDL bottom metal, McMillan Game Warden...
  10. DangerRanger

    SOLD/EXPIRED Savage Short action MAGNUM conversion parts

    Looking for pretty much all parts necessary to make my short action 12 a short action magnum. magnum push feed bolt head (savage or PTG), front baffle, correct firing pin assembly, WSM/Saum mag box and follower Thanks! Joel
  11. P

    .300WSM W/178gr ELD-X H1000 Powder Help!!

    I have looked everywhere for load data on .300WSM using 178gr. Hornady ELD-X bullets and H1000 powder. Does anyone have anything that can help me?? Thx!!