1. S

    300 WSM factory ammo

    Would like to buy some factory ammo for a new rifle I’m waiting on. I don’t have any components for it yet and would like to see if there’s any factory loads it shoots well. If you have some factory stuff you’d be willing to part with shoot me a message
  2. S

    Staball + CCI 200 + 300 WSM = success or hangfires?

    I want to try some staball in my 300 WSM but don't have any magnum primers to spare so I was hoping to solicit any anecdotes that folks have running standard primers (either CCI 200 or 210m's) with staball in a WSM sized cartridge. I've been launching 212 ELDX's with CCI 200's and H4831 and it's...
  3. ddman

    SOLD/EXPIRED 35 WSM barrel, brass, dies, bullets

    Hart Barrel - Chambered In 35 WSM 1-10 twist, Roughly 150-200 rounds Down Tube, Came Off Rem. 700, Great Shooting Barrel Redding 35/300 WSM Dies Approximately 30 rounds Of 2 x fired Winchester 325 wsm Brass Have some Speer and Nosler Bullets Ill throw In Too. Action threads will need to be...
  4. SamuelBerryhill308

    Wsm rifle

    Hello all Ivhave been reading about couple different wsm calibers and rifles and have seen alot of people say they have feeding problems I am wondering what brand and model rifles in wsm are good rifles that do not have feeding problems. Thanks
  5. BoatTail

    7mm WSM, 162 gr bullet, RL26, 3170 fps?

    I have been considering a number of short action WSM cartridges to build a rifle around for sheep hunting and just a lighter carry. I recently found Alliant is showing that the 7mm WSM with 162 grain bullets and reloader 26 is able to obtain 3171 feet per second out of a 24-inch Barrel. This is...
  6. Overkill338

    Been thinking about the .325 WSM

    I've been in a big discussion about the .325 WSM on another forum. I wish I had never sold my Savage 14 325. It really was a fun caliber to play with. I've never thought about it much, but what about building a .325 WSM with a 28" Sendero contour barrel. Maybe have it setup with some free-bore ...
  7. BoatTail

    6.5 PRC in a WSM Action?

    I have a Remington 700 short action in 270 WSM with a modified 3.01 inch magazine. I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on rebarreling it to a 6.5 / 300 WSM. Rather than going with the wildcat I was wondering if the 6.5 PRC would feed in a WSM action. My thoughts are that the feed rails maybe...
  8. Floundertrap

    Suggestions on build - browning ab2 - light palma - stock options?

    I'm building a long range rig on a Browning A-Bolt II long action and I'm having a little difficulty with the stock options. I plan for this to be an heirloom rifle and I want it right, even if a little odd. Let me say that I'm building the Browning because I think it's a very well made bolt...
  9. D

    Winchester 300 WSM 1x-fired brass 50 Pieces

    Winchester 300 WSM 1x-fired brass 50 Pieces, brass comes loose. $35.00 Shipped
  10. T

    A-BOLT 2 WSM stock

    No longer needed.
  11. D

    Winchester 300 WSM 1x-fired brass 50 Pieces

    Winchester 300 WSM 1x-fired brass 50 Pieces, brass comes loose. $30.00 plus shipping. Have more Available.
  12. Autorotate19

    Custom 300 WSM Rem 700 DCGS Mcmillan Krieger

    Custom 300 WSM built on a Remington 700 short action by Dan Glover of Dan's Custom Guns. Fluted 26" Krieger Sendero contour barrel, PTG bolt, Badger Ordnance 20 moa rail screws opened up to larger 8-48 size and pinned on, Wyatts extended mag box, PTG BDL bottom metal, McMillan Game Warden...
  13. D

    SOLD/EXPIRED Savage Short action MAGNUM conversion parts

    Looking for pretty much all parts necessary to make my short action 12 a short action magnum. magnum push feed bolt head (savage or PTG), front baffle, correct firing pin assembly, WSM/Saum mag box and follower Thanks! Joel
  14. P

    .300WSM W/178gr ELD-X H1000 Powder Help!!

    I have looked everywhere for load data on .300WSM using 178gr. Hornady ELD-X bullets and H1000 powder. Does anyone have anything that can help me?? Thx!!