1. .300 Dakota

    Custom Wildcat 2 Years in the Making

    So I finally finished it tonight! This project started on the drawing board 2 years ago this month, and kicked off with dummy rounds being sent to Preferred Barrel Blanks in Utah along with the order for a barrel. This design isn't really a long range cartridge. Rather, it's intended to kill...
  2. Hawkeye Pierce


    The 260 terminator is a great round, designed by Defensive Edge. It is a modified 260 rem, similar to an AI but not the 40 degree shoulder, trying to remember off hand i think it's 37 degrees. I have been able to get 3000 plus fps with it in combination with the +P throat they use on 139 gr...
  3. Driftless Drake

    Or Trade… RCBS Shell plates, Die plates, Dies, and .257AI Brass

    FOR SALE MAKE AN OFFER I have three RCBS 5-station shell plates. Shell plate #11 model 88811 .220 Swift .225 Win .257 Roberts .257 Imp. 40degree 7mmx57 Mauser Shell plate #12 model 88812 .22 Hornet .22 K-Hornet Shell plate #14 model 88814 .33 Win .378 Wby Mag .45-70 U.S. Gov’t .460 Wby Mag...
  4. OzRanger

    New member, new gun 6mm-06

    Hey all, new member from down under. Just wanted to say hi, long time reader and first time poster. I’ve been hunting, shooting and reloading for a long time, also have many years experience as a machinist, but sadly had to sell my lathe and mill a while ago for reasons I won’t go into. I...