1. G

    7mm WBY Mag brass and dies

    101 pieces of 7mm wby mag Weatherby brass, should actually say once reloaded instead of fired. Dies have hardly been used. Have kept these around thinking I will get out west again but do to health probably won't happen. Done shooting the big calibers. $215 shipped for everything. First "I'll...
  2. 9

    cutting edge bullets caliber choice

    Anybody use a 300 win mag with the 220/230gr cutting edge bullets. Should i look at using something with a little more capacity like the 300 wby or the 300 rum. Has the shorter neck length on the win mag caused any problems when reloading these long bullets. I origanally wanted the rum but it...
  3. CMDR Kibo

    SOLD/EXPIRED Weatherby (Norma) 30-378 Brass

    I gifted my nephew my .30-378 rifle several years ago and he’s having a blast with it. Despite my best efforts, he is not interested in reloading so I have decided to sell the brass. 115 pcs of WBY (Norma) Brass 1 and 2x fired. $145 plus $15 for USPS priority mail medium box. Most of this...
  4. J

    Semi-custom Sendero-style Remington 700 257 Weatherby Magnum.

    This rifle started life as a standard 2012 Remington 700 in 300 Winchester Magnum. After getting it, I was bitten severely by the super magnum bug. I decided to go with a 700 Long Range in 300 RUM instead. So, I had this one re-barreled with a custom 27" target contour 257 WBY 1-10" barrel. The...
  5. Overkill338

    .300 Weatherby Magnum

    Since I'm going to be moving from my Ruger .300 Win Mag, to a Weatherby in .300 Roy, I figured I'd ask about it. Is there any things it specifically does better than the Win Mag (aside from recoil force) ? Any quirks with reloading and shooting, that you have to get used to? I've never owned...
  6. Overkill338

    6.5 Weatherby RPM

    Rebated Precision Magnum. I was wondering why this odd cartridge popped up. I do understand the .473" rim allows it to be built on a .30-06 bolt size. I honestly think the idea would make a better .25. The last new quarter bore I can think of is the WSSM. The 6.5 market is pretty flooded lately...
  7. CMDR Kibo

    SOLD/EXPIRED .257 Weatherby Mag Brass

    FOR SALE: Sold ! 4 boxes of .257 Weatherby Mag brass made by Norma in original boxes. 2 Boxes virgin brass 2 boxes 1 x fired: (1)- 20 count and (1)- 16 count Selling altogether - $74 shipped. Payment: PayPal gift/F&F FCFS