Semi-custom Sendero-style Remington 700 257 Weatherby Magnum.

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Apr 19, 2009
This rifle started life as a standard 2012 Remington 700 in 300 Winchester Magnum. After getting it, I was bitten severely by the super magnum bug. I decided to go with a 700 Long Range in 300 RUM instead. So, I had this one re-barreled with a custom 27" target contour 257 WBY 1-10" barrel. The re-barrel was done by a local gunsmith/machinist here in Tucson. The caliber change was perfect and this new .257 WBY barrel shoots amazingly well; especially after I upgraded the trigger to a Timney. The target profile on the barrel necessitated a new stock. I found a custom laminate Sendero style stock with aluminum bedding block and pillar bedding and it fit perfectly. I completed barrel break-in following prescribed procedures (1 shot, clean, 1 shot clean, etc). The rifle is amazingly accurate and capable of stacking bullets in the same hole. I worked up two loads for the Nosler AB 110 grain but life has a way of throwing you a curve ball and I couldn't go further due to health reasons. Round count is 65.

I'm primarily a hunter and, while this rifle is certainly accurate and capable of reaching out there, it's just too heavy for me to carry in the field. I moved on to a 6.5-300 Weatherby in a field-weight (<9 lbs with scope) rifle. This heavy barreled beauty is perfectly suited for sitting senderos in Texas or a beanfield in Louisiana. The heavy barrel and overall weight makes recoil negligible. It's definitely accurate enough for popping prairie dogs at a quarter mile, but that's not what I do.

I am putting the rifle and package up here for a week before taking it down and moving it to GB. Pictures of the rifle and scope are up tonight. I'll get the other items photographed and up tomorrow.

Prices are not written in stone but, please, no low-ball offers. Shipping to your FFL will be $50.00 for the rifle alone or rifle with scope. $100.00 shipping for the entire package.

1. Rifle with mount and rings- $1000.00
2. Rifle with mount, rings and Vortex Diamonback HP 4-16- $1,200.00
3. Rifle with mount, rings, scope and ammo (1 Box of Weatherby 257100SR (100 grain spitzer boat tail) and 4 boxes of Weatherby 257100SP 100 (grain spitzers).- $1,450.00
4. Rifle with mount, rings, scope, ammo and full reloading setup- Hornady Full Length Die Set, Hornady .25 Caliber Neck Sizing Die, approximately 135 Nosler AccuBond 110 gr., 1 full box of Nosler BallisticTip Varmint 85 gr bullets, 336 Speer 1241 .257 Cal 87 Gr. Spitzer, 100 Speer 1405 .257 100 Gr. Spitzer, and 100 Speer 1411 .257 120 Gr. Spitzer along with once-fired and new brass. 12 rounds of the new brass is primed with CCI LRM primers. $1,775.00

IMG_0674 (2).jpg
Bullets and Brass:

IMG_0677 (2).jpg
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