1. A

    SOLD/EXPIRED Swarovski ATX and spuhr mounts

    Pretty much new. Used twice and could pass as brand new. Comes with origina box and case. Swaro atx 65mm - $3000 Spuhr: 3015 30mm cantilever no box $260 SOLD 4016 34mm 1.5 $300 SOLD 4602c 34mm 1.5 20 moa $350 SOLD 4602 34mm 1.5 20 moa $300 SOLD 6001 36mm 1.18 $315 sold Trigger tech diamond...
  2. AFmaryland

    SOLD/EXPIRED AR15 Custom 350 Legend with extras

    Custom AR15 350 Legend $1000 shipped to FFL or local pickup at FFL in Maryland Comes with: - 2x CMMG 350 Legend magazines filed / modified by gunsmith to eliminate any feed issues (common with 350 legend AR15) - Vortex Crossfire Gen 2 Red Dot optic Optional Ammo: 3 boxes of Hornady American...
  3. P

    SOLD/EXPIRED 7 PRC Terminus Kratos Lite, Proof Carbon, Manners LRH, Triggertech, Hawkins

    I am having to cut back due to a variety of expenses and am selling a couple of my rifles. This is a Terminus Kratos Lite with a 22" 1:8 twist sendero contour Proof Research carbon barrel in 7 PRC with all barrel work done by southern precision rifles (bugholes), Manners LRH LA with mini chassis...
  4. outdoorsmunn

    SOLD/EXPIRED TriggerTech TT Diamond 2 Stage pro curve

    I have a like new TriggerTech 2 stage Diamond for sale. It has never even left the gun room. I opened it to check it out but decided to stick with single stage triggers. Asking $275 shipped and insured by me.
  5. Vamike9

    SOLD/EXPIRED Triggertech Special

    Triggertech Special in like new condition, Flat Shoe version with probably less than 10rds on it. I'll take $175 Shipped tyd!
  6. Vamike9

    SOLD/EXPIRED Triggertech Primary

    Triggertech Primary curved I'll take $125 shipped tyd
  7. lilharcher

    SOLD/EXPIRED TriggerTech Special RH Trigger

    Up for sale is a BNIB TriggerTech ‘Special’ Trigger for a R700 or clone, which is a super crisp (no creep) trigger than can easily be adjusted from 1.0 to 3.5lbs. I run this same trigger on all my rifles, but have one too many. Like the picture shows, this one is Black w/ Silver and has a flat...
  8. 360Precision

    Custom Terminus Kratos, McMillan, Proof Research 7mm Bolt-Action

    McMillan Adjustable Game Warden Stock, Terminus Kratos inlet Terminus Kratos Lite, Long Action, Magnum Bolt Face, 20MOA Right Hand Remington Long Action Oberndorf Bottom Metal TriggerTech Rem 700 Special Right Hand Pro Curved with Bolt Release Hawkins 4-Port Tank ST Self-Timing Muzzle Brake...
  9. 360Precision

    360 Precision Remington 700 7mm Rem Mag

    360 Precision custom shop produced this Remington 700 in 7mm Rem Mag: AG Composites Visigoth Stock, Carbon Urban Camo, Rem 700 Inlet, Right Hand, Hawkins M5 DBM Remington 700 Long Action Blueprint and true Remington 700 Long Action Chamber Thread rifle bolt so knob can be added to the action...
  10. 360Precision

    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom Manners Defiance Hunter Proof Research Carbon Fiber .308

    360 Precision custom shop produced this Manners Defiance Hunter .308: Manners MCS-EH1A, Defiance Deviant Action Inlet, Hawkins BDL Trigger Inlet, Elite Tac Arctic Defiance Hunter Medium Action Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrel, 16.5" .308 8 Twist, 5 Groove, Sendero TriggerTech Rem 700 Special...
  11. S

    26” 300 Norma Custom

    I had posted just this rifles' barrel for sale earlier on snipershide but have since changed my mind and would rather sell it complete to put towards a 33XC chassis build. ***bare rifle as pictured weighs 8lbs 4.8oz*** - Kelbly Atlas Tactical Lapua - Manners EH1 swamp camo - 26" Proof carbon...
  12. D

    New mountain rifle

    Just got the suppressor which finishes out my new mountain build. American Rifle Company Mausingfield in 300PRC with a 20in proof barrel (because modern magnums don't need to be really long), a triggertech special, in a ARC Xylo chassis, and a SiCo Omega 36M so I don't disturb the survivors...
  13. bbckfh

    SOLD/EXPIRED TriggerTech Primary, RH

    Trigger for Sale: I’m selling an extra trigger that I had for a build that’s evaporated thanks to our friend ‘rona. It’s brand new and unfired. Model: Trigger Tech Primary For make: Remington/clone Price: Asking $150, shipped. Would be $160+shipping from Brownells Payment: Paypal, Venmo, cash...
  14. albritt

    TRIGGERTECH “SPECIAL” Trigger 1.0- 3.5lb

    TriggerTech Special trigger. NO BOLT RELEASE This new TriggerTech was mounted for one range session, trigger removed and rifle sold. Fits Remington clones and Remington 700 rifles with side bolt releases installed. Pull weight range 1.0lb to 3.5lb, currently set to 1lb. $125 firm free shipping...
  15. Overkill338

    Those of you who suggested Triggertech

    Thank you! Holy crap, I knew the factory X-Mark Pro was crap, but I didn't know how crappy it was until now. I didn't touch the adjustment, so it's somewhere around 2 lbs. It is still night and day different than the factory bang switch. I'm a fan of flat triggers, so thats the way I went.
  16. 264MHC

    Put Together my First Custom Rifle

    Hello All, I've been a long time reader of this forum and have found it to be a great source of interesting and valuable information, so I finally joined. This will be my first post so I apologize for the length. I just finished putting together my first custom bolt rifle and enjoyed the...