1. Dukerugger25

    SOLD/EXPIRED Jewell HVRTSBR-A Trigger (RH)

    Selling a right handed Jewell HVRTSBR-A Trigger (top safety). It was on my 6.5PRC for 400 rounds, just sold the rifle. The bolt release has been removed, but will be included, as it was not needed on my rifle. Also includes the 2 addl springs. Price is $150 TYD via PayPal f&f, or + fees.
  2. bbckfh

    SOLD/EXPIRED Timney 517 trigger, RH

    Trigger for Sale: I’m selling an extra trigger that I had for a build that’s evaporated thanks to our friend ‘rona. It’s brand new and unfired. Model: Timney 517, right hand, black, with safety For make: Remington/clone Price: Asking $150, shipped. Would be $150+shipping from Brownells...
  3. outdoorsmunn

    SOLD/EXPIRED Left handed factory Remington trigger LEFTY

    I’ve got a factory trigger taken off a buddy’s Remington. It is still 100% functional, he just wanted to try a timney. $20 shipped/insured.
  4. albritt

    TRIGGERTECH “SPECIAL” Trigger 1.0- 3.5lb

    TriggerTech Special trigger. NO BOLT RELEASE This new TriggerTech was mounted for one range session, trigger removed and rifle sold. Fits Remington clones and Remington 700 rifles with side bolt releases installed. Pull weight range 1.0lb to 3.5lb, currently set to 1lb. $125 firm free shipping...
  5. Overkill338

    Those of you who suggested Triggertech

    Thank you! Holy crap, I knew the factory X-Mark Pro was crap, but I didn't know how crappy it was until now. I didn't touch the adjustment, so it's somewhere around 2 lbs. It is still night and day different than the factory bang switch. I'm a fan of flat triggers, so thats the way I went.
  6. antelopedundee


    I have an older trigger that came from a LH Remington 700 bought about 1975 or so. It has the safety that also locks the bolt when on. My notes say that it was tuned by Neil Jones and set to about 1.5# of pull. In very nice condition. Complete and ready to install. Asking $125 net TYD with no...
  7. R

    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 11-87 Shotgun Trigger Group Assembly

    I have a used Remington 11-87 trigger group assembly with retaining pins for sale. It’s in good shape and functions as it should. It came out of a 11-87 sportsman model and is black. $90 and shipping is included.
  8. Bjt308

    Ar-15 geiselle hi speed national match trigger

    Ar-15 geiselle hi speed national match trigger. Used. Good condition and a great trigger. Asking $250.00 shipped
  9. outdoorsmunn

    SOLD/EXPIRED Timney Calvin Elite triggers Remington 700

    ***SOLD*** I have three Timney Calvin Elite triggers for sale. One is a single stage with curved shoe, the other two are both two stage triggers with a straight shoe All are used but in perfect working order. They all come with a bolt release to use with factory rifles, or it can be removed...
  10. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Timney HIT triggers now shipping

    Right hand HIT triggers for sale, Left hands shipping in 4 weeks (left hand are available for pre order)
  11. Unastamus635

    Jewel or bix and andy

    Hi, I’m looking for a jewel or a Bix n Andy trigger for my 6.5 Creedmoor w a defiance action. Thanks all Jason 612-751-7064
  12. .284me

    Jewell HVRTS-A, right safety, no bolt release

    SOLD PENDING FUNDS - New in package, never installed. Selling for a friend. Free shipping. Located near Bellingham, WA. $220
  13. D

    Huber Staged-Break 700 Rem trigger

    I've got a Huber Staged-Break 700 Rem trigger for sale. Brand new, never installed. $215 shipped Traditional curved shoe, RH safety 1.947 peak weight.
  14. R

    3 Timney Calvin Elite triggers

    FS Three timney Calvin elite triggers. All are two stage , straight shoe, remington 700, adjustable pull from 8oz to 3 lbs. One is new, never installed. The other two have been used for a year on my match rifles. I'm going back to single stage triggers, so these are up for sale. All 3...
  15. MTSLW

    SOLD/EXPIRED Rifle Basix Trigger $75 shipped

    This is a L-1k adjustable from 1.5-4# in good condition. Running a Bix so don’t need this one. $75 shipped.
  16. D

    Geisselle SSA-E Trigger for sale

    I bought this trigger this fall for an AR I use hunting coyotes and can't get used to the two stage trigger. I shoot the PRS/NRL with a single stage trigger and so my brain is hard-wired for that trigger after thousands of dry fire sessions with my match rifle. This trigger has a dozen rounds...
  17. antelopedundee


    I have a takeoff X MARK PRO trigger from a Rem 700 stainless steel left hand action. It was set by the smith to be about 3# pull. Complete with safety and bolt release. Possibly a second one available. Asking $75 OBO shipped. Prefer PayPal gift. Message here or [email protected]
  18. D

    Timney Trigger #633 for Savage Axis & Edge with spring new in box

    I have a new unopened Timney Trigger #633 black with spring & instructions for a Savage Axis or edge. Shipping to lower 48 only, Free shipping. $95 firm non negotiable.
  19. wboregon

    Sharp Shooter Supply Competition Trigger (savage)

    I was getting ready to buy one and found out that they have been discontinued and there are no more available and they will no longer be made. Serious blow to the gut, I love the one on my 270 build, and I don't want to swap it out to my new build. Looking to buy one, PM me your price.
  20. FURMAN

    Sako 75/85 Jard Trigger. Works with Fierce.

    $100.00 shipped. Has 12oz spring but others can be purchased from Jard. This also works on Fierce rifles. This is the version for the DBMs.