terminal performance

  1. brinker19

    Specific Hornady ELD-X Performance

    I had a bad experience with a 7mm and Berger 168 on an elk. He was slightly quartering toward me, and I put two into him. Based off sightings on private a few weeks later, it appeared I hugged too far forward and they didn't get past the shoulder... I had a 30 Nosler built for other reasons...
  2. Timber338

    338 270gr ELD-X

    I’ve wanted to start a dedicated thread for anybody with experience shooting the 338 270gr ELD-X. It does not seem that many people shoot this bullet. Maybe we can dig up some field results. What cartridge, powder, seating depth, muzzle velocity, etc, are your shooting? How accurately are...
  3. D

    Wound difference between different calibers of equal weight

    Interested in general conversation especially real life experience of effects on game between various calibers of equal weight and relatively comparable speed. Example Energy at distance calculated with standard Hornady ballistic calculator Wind speed: 0 Altitude: 0 Humidity(%) 78...
  4. Canhunter35

    Cold temp affecting terminal performance of plastic tipped bullets

    Has anyone else ever experienced this? I’m talking -20 or below and the bullet mushrooms, but not to the degree when it’s warmer out. I’ve noticed that the same bullets in similar distances kill a lot better when it’s warmer, shedding some weight and dumping more energy into the animal. Just...
  5. CB11WYO

    .284 175 ELD-X on Deer at 600 Yards - PICS

    Hey all, Killed my first animal after switching to the 175 gr ELD-X, small mule deer buck at 600 yards. Impact Energy: Approx. 2300 ft/lbs Impact Velocity: Approx. 2400 fps Although this was a heart/lung shot, the deer dropped immediately after being hit, exactly like animals I have...