1. 33nos

    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington S/A 20 MOA base- Larue and Talley

    Larue Rem 700 S/A 20 MOA base-New $92 new, selling for $60 shipped Talley Rem 700 S/A 20 MOA base with bubble level- New $85 new, selling for $60 shipped
  2. Tommy Moffitt

    Talley Lightweight Alloy vs DNZ Game Reaper 2 mounts

    I currently own both sets of these mounts and both have performed well. The Talley Lightweight rings are mounted on a Rem 700 7mm-08 with a Leupold VX2 3-9X40 and the DNZ’s are mounted on a CA Ridgeline 300 PRC with a Vortex Razor HD AMG. Again, both have performed well. My most recent purchase...
  3. ellison3dpro

    Tikka t3 talley ring/bases 1inch low

    I have a set of like new talley lightweights for a tikka t3. 1 inch lows, excellent condition. Put heavy barrel on and now wont clear my 50mm obj. 30 bucks shpped.
  4. Stephen Mills

    Dakota raised a transplant to Sacramento

    There are many chapters to a life started and raised on the Dakota prairies. Only the irrational frenzy of an explorer's mind or a love-smitten heart could cause a prairie-grown lad to locate in the Sacramento Valley and a state where the evening news devotes so much time to both non-existent...

    Talley long action 700 20 moa bases

    Used great condition. $40.00 shipped each.