Dakota raised a transplant to Sacramento

Stephen Mills

Oct 7, 2018
Sacramento, CA
There are many chapters to a life started and raised on the Dakota prairies. Only the irrational frenzy of an explorer's mind or a love-smitten heart could cause a prairie-grown lad to locate in the Sacramento Valley and a state where the evening news devotes so much time to both non-existent weather and the emptiness of Hollywood.

Somehow the gentle pursuit of responsible personal protection skills and long-range firearms practice helps focus us on life's fundamentals. There is something of extreme carefulness and responsible precision in every shot we create. Though my purpose is not harvesting either big game, little game or varmints, I am here to learn from the wisdom and core values of those who do, and to share anything that might enhance the lives of others linked by this fine site.

As a newbie to long-range, my childhood and youth with shotgunning accompanying my Grandsir, Dad, uncle, and my Grandsir's buddy, Frank "Bing" Warner who played ball with the great Babe Ruth) has me curious about every facet of this group's thinking, skill and gear. You might seldom express what is your inner experience as a long range shooter/hunter, but my ears are here for that quieter story as well.

A Kimber Mountain Ascent in .308 carries the Kahles 624i optics on Tally's tactical rings and 20MOA rail. A bipod by David Tubb and a Hog Saddle on a Gitzo tripod will steady me if looping into a cotton sling for the M1 Garand and a no-caffeined life does not quite prepare me for stillness. Nikon's cameras have been my constant camping companion and will now be joined by Kimber.

Backpacking in warmth or winter-camping in Dakota's or the Sierra Nevada's worst blizzards is a delight. My protective gear for serene or hostile conditions includes decades of careful testing, outfitting a team traveling the entire Yukon River, and car-camping with buddies and their kids. Monthly practice as co-founder of a friendly group of locals called the Pink Pistols (a humorously disarming name) keeps me involved in dry-practice and target-work on locals ranges.

Eager to listen and digest your vast understanding, I am grateful to have bumped into this fine gathering.

Someone asked....The avatar linked to my ID is an admirable breed of sheepdog known to the mountains of Macedonia named: Sarplaninac. When socialized with people and other pets during their puppyhood, they become tenacious protectors to all that were embraced when young. This breed has some traits worthy of developing in us humans.
There must have been a ringing in my ears. Maybe there is an emigration process.
You are so very right, ShtrRdy!
KaliFornia is a social experiment gone very far awry.
The weather and vegetable gardening is sure nice.
I migrated out 40 years ago, nothings changed-not even the Governor! It's a shame really, likely the most beautiful place on this rock. It truly has is it all. All of it squandered in the name of protecting it.

Enough said, Welcome! Lets talk shooting!
Thank you, HarperC,
This is what I'm working with.
I'll add practice of the fundamentals and see what comes of it.
Happy to be here among you well-known members.



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