Talley Lightweight Alloy vs DNZ Game Reaper 2 mounts

Tommy Moffitt

Sep 3, 2019
Baton Rouge, LA
I currently own both sets of these mounts and both have performed well. The Talley Lightweight rings are mounted on a Rem 700 7mm-08 with a Leupold VX2 3-9X40 and the DNZ’s are mounted on a CA Ridgeline 300 PRC with a Vortex Razor HD AMG. Again, both have performed well.

My most recent purchase and gun project is a Savage 110 High Country 6.5 PRC that will be mounted with the Vortex Strike Eagle 4-24x50. The set-up will be used for target/long range hunting of course.

I’ve looked all over the internet, emailed all of the manufactures and big box online stores and gotten conflicting information on the proper SKU to make my purchase. The Talley rep sent me a SKU for 1” mounts and DNZ replied and told me to contact Savage and get correct screw info, which I did but he hasn’t replied since. No big deal, I know they are busy. No knock on them.

I’m looking for a set of 30mm medium height mounts for a round Savage receiver drilled for 6-48 screws (double checked with Savage tech support per DNZ’s request)

Now here’s the $100.00 question. Does anyone have an opinion, has anyone purchased and assembled one of the exact receiver/mount combo’s and if so, what SKU did you use?

Thank-you in advance,
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