1. N

    Sauer 100 XT in 6.5CM thoughts

    Hello LRH boys and gals, yesterday I've received a brand new Sauer 100 XT in 6.5CM which was Black Friday hard to resist deal. What a toy for an aging boy! ) The choice of 6.5CM caliber was mainly to have a "do it all rifle" which would be also forgiving when you misjudge the distance while...
  2. Elkaholic Hunter

    Browning X-Bolt Hells Canyon Speed vs. Sauer 100 Atacama, in 6.5 PRC

    Looking at purchasing a new 6.5 PRC, after a bit of research, my top contenders are a Browning Hells X-Bold Hells Canyon Speed and a Sauer 100 Atacama. Both rifles are around that 1k price point and all the reviews that I have seen show that both rifles should have no problem shooting sub-inch...
  3. BigBuck74

    JP Sauer 90's, Steyr Luxus Grades, Merkel's, Drillings, Double Rifles

    I am looking for JP Sauer 90 rifles, Steyr Luxus Grade rifles, German Drillings, double rifles, Merkel shotguns, Browning Olympian and Medallion grade safari rifles. I am a collector of these rifles and am willing to pay good money for them. Please PM me if you have or know anyone willing to sell.
  4. livetohunt

    Sig Sauer brass review

    Well I’ve had trouble finding good brass for the .300 win mag the past few years. My last lot was once fired brass from federal fusions, which were surprisingly the best I’ve come across in a while. I picked up some Sig Sauer brass in 300 win mag because I need new brass and figured I would...
  5. BigBuck74

    SOLD/EXPIRED Steyr Luxus .300 win mag Unfired in original box! +30yrs old

    I am reducing my collection, I have this remarkable piece, it is a Steyr Luxus Grade .300 win mag, with the original box and this one is over 30yrs old. These guns are known for their accuracy, and has a set trigger by pushing the trigger forward that make the pull less than 1 lb. To those of...