rem 700

  1. ddman

    SOLD/EXPIRED 35 WSM barrel, brass, dies, bullets

    Hart Barrel - Chambered In 35 WSM 1-10 twist, Roughly 150-200 rounds Down Tube, Came Off Rem. 700, Great Shooting Barrel Redding 35/300 WSM Dies Approximately 30 rounds Of 2 x fired Winchester 325 wsm Brass Have some Speer and Nosler Bullets Ill throw In Too. Action threads will need to be...
  2. Justice1327

    SOLD/EXPIRED x3, 700/VS Composite CF brl

    I have 3x Rem700s with the Factory Carbon fiber barrel. 223: 420 rds / 1:12 / 26” 22-250: 410 rds / 1:14 / 26” 308: 620 rds / 1:12 / 26” like new, bought new... 1 owner, MUST BE SHIPPED TO A FFL HOLDER! $1500 each, shipped to lower 48 CONUS only. Accepting M.O., check or Paypal as a friend.
  3. J

    Remington 700 LR 300 RUM

    Ring those gongs with this Remington 700 Long Range outfit! Rifle is a factory Remington 700 300 Remington Ultra Mag with a 26” barrel and a very effective tank-style muzzlebrake. Upgraded Timney trigger and 20 MOA Picatinny Style rail. This complete outfit comes with 49 new Norma 300 RUM brass...
  4. BlazerBeam

    SOLD/EXPIRED Iota Kremlin Stock

    iota Kremlin stock for sale. Limbsaver recoil pad. In great condition. Molded in color. Inletted for Remington 700 Long action/clones and hinged floor plate bottom metal. Currently has full length bedding from a Stiller predator action. My other Rem 700 clones have fit in this current bed job...
  5. N

    Pillar bedding tubberware stock

    Im buying my first rifle a 223 rem 700 and i do not have the funds to buy a new stock and probably wont for quite a while. I don't live in the US so even boyds stocks can get quite expensive. I was just wanted to know what you guyd would think about the idea of drilling a hole through a threaded...
  6. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Barreled actions

    Happy Easter! Last weekend to get $50 off and free shipping on barreled actions. Also, save 10% off any modeled rifles built by us! And save 50$ on Prefit barrels...
  7. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Remington custom barreled actions $100 off

    we have a Good stock of Rem700 actions building up. check out the link below to see options, be sure to use Promo Code "remsale" at checkout to save $100 on your order! actions are new, and have been trued and lapped, and will come with a new...
  8. M

    SOLD/EXPIRED EGW 20 MOA Pic rail R700SA

    EGW picatinny 20MOA rail for a Rem 700 short action. Never installed, I believe this is the aluminum version. Originally paid $40 for it, asking $25 shipped via UPS. Payment through PayPal F&F or add 3% to cover their goods and services transaction fee.
  9. Hunter Hicks

    SOLD/EXPIRED REM 700 CDL stainless fluted

    posting went sold/expired REM. 700 CDL STAINLESS FLUTED 7MM REM. Mag. I have never shot this set up. I bought it in “used” condition but as far as I can see it has not been used much if at all only blemish I can find is on the rear of the action. Not sure what caused it, looks like a grind mark...
  10. HeathGT

    R700 6.5 PRC, Proof Carbon Barrel and extras

  11. SierraTwo

    Remington 700 Stocks - McMillan, Manners, Taylor Precision

    The older I get, the more I realize one of two things needs to happen: the rifle needs to get lighter or I need to get in shape. The likelihood of one of those things happening is SIGNIFICANTLY greater than the other :confused: As such, I've been bitten by the carbon fiber (stock) bug and I...
  12. MrCapps22-250

    338 edge

    $2,500 rifle only! Optic sold 338 edge, built on a blueprinted and timed Remington 700 action 30” bartlein barrel, spiral fluted bolt with extended bolt knob, timed fat bastard break, timney Calvin Elite trigger, seekins bottom metal, with 3.85 coal magazine, H&S aluminum bedded stock with...
  13. Tom Stanbury

    Newbie But Oldie in the Deep South

    Hey! I'm new to this exchange, but I've been poking paper and game for many decades. I enjoy semi-auto and revolver pistols, along with bolt action and AR rifle platforms. Experienced in .17 HMR, 22LR, .243 WIN, 5.56 NATO, 7 MM REM MAG, 9MM. I reload a little. And I enjoy building rifles. I...
  14. bkshafer

    6.5 280 Ackley Remungton

    Description Remington 700 Custom Brand New Never Fired. Caliber – 6.5 280 Ackley Improved Weight - 8lbs 2 ounces. ACTION Blue Printed Remington 700 Long Action. Machine Work Done By Benchmark Barrels. BOLT Kampfeld Customs – Fluted Bolt Kampfeld Customs – Skeletonized Bolt Handle...
  15. bkshafer

    300 Win Mag Custom Rem 700

    Remington 700 Custom Brand New Never Fired. Caliber – 300 Win Mag Weight 8 lbs 6 ounces. ACTION: Blue Printed Remington 700 Long Action. Machine Work Done By Benchmark Barrels. BOLT: Kampfeld Customs – Fluted Bolt Kampfeld Customs – Skeletonized Bolt Handle Kampfeld Customs – Campfire...
  16. M

    Custom Rem 700 6BRDX + extras

    This is Chad Dixon Custom Rem 700 chambered in 6-BRDX ( The reamer specs used used for the 600yd rec set by David Stripling). Receiver: Trued and blueprinted Remington 700, .285 pinned and CNC machine recoil lug Bolt Fluted with large Tsc knob + M16 extractor. Barrel: 30" Bartlein 6mm (.236 -...
  17. live2huntmt

    Gunwerks Accurized Sendero

    Gunwerks accurized Rem Sendero 300 Win McMillan Adjustable A3 w/ flush cups Timney trigger Radial Brake & thread protector (5/8x24) Fluted Bolt Cerekote Glass Bedded Talley 1 piece rings (lapped) 60 round count (break in & development) All work done by Gunwerks Shoots 215 Berger’s @ 2915 w/ 77gr...
  18. S

    Stocky’s all terrain classic sporter or krux iota

    So I’m thinking of shedding some weight on the Sendero. The Stocky’s All Terrain Classic Sporter weighs in at weight of 26oz being carbon fiber and aluminum pillars. So I’m leaning towards getting a carbon fiber stock for weight reduction. Any first hand experience with this stock? Other light...
  19. A

    Remington 700 Varmint SA 243 with VX-3 4.5-14x40mm

    Price: $1,500.00 Rifle: Rem 700 Varmint BDL, 243, 20" bull barrel Stock: HS Precision Varmint adjustable, glass bedded and floated Trigger: Shillen 2 lbs Base: Leupold Picatinny Rings: Leupold Scope: Leupold VX3 4.5-14x40 tmr with custom adjustable elevation turret for easy adjustment...
  20. D

    Huber Staged-Break 700 Rem trigger

    I've got a Huber Staged-Break 700 Rem trigger for sale. Brand new, never installed. $215 shipped Traditional curved shoe, RH safety 1.947 peak weight.