1. T

    Rebarrel 30 T/C?

    This falls in the “too obscure “ category. I bought a TC Icon in the 30 TC caliber. Factory ammo is now non existent. Hornady told me they did a run of ammo in March 2021. They don’t anticipate another run until next year. I don’t care to reload, mostly a time issue. I have a few rounds to get...
  2. tackleberry95

    Western WI gunsmiths

    Looking for some reputable gunsmiths in western WI to reach out to regarding new barrel and action blueprint for my 90’s era Remington 700 BDL. Google searches haven’t been the most fruitful as many smiths seem to prefer word of mouth. Thank you for any help in advance.
  3. Dmart036

    Rebarreling from a #3 to 4 or 5 contour.

    I have a a .338-.378 Weatherby Tacmark Elite with a 30” tube, I’d like a heavier contour. There seems to be plenty of free floating room within the stock. Is it possible to increase the contour without modifying the inside or betting of the stock? The other is an old AccuMark Mark V that was...
  4. JumpinLegs

    Experiences Rebarreling Browning X-Bolt and Winchester Model 70 CRF

    I'm looking at buying my next hunting rifle. I currently have a .270 Mossberg Patriot, so I'm looking to step up the cartridge to either a .300 PRC or a .325 WSM to "more adequately" deal with larger game. I like three-position safeties (or at least a two position that locks the bolt) due to...
  5. Overkill338

    Rebarreling a Ruger M77 MkII

    I have found out, the Ruger American is threaded the same as the M77, and has a barrel nut. I love Ruger rifles, I've just never been much on Remington and Winchester. I know I'm an odd ball. Anyway, I would like to take my .300 Win Mag, and rebarrel it into a 28" .300 PRC. I believe that...
  6. B

    28 nosler rebarrel to 30-28 nosler?

    My 28n barrel is toast at under 600 rounds so I am thinking of rebarreling to a 30-28n. I have 100 pieces of unfired 28n Bertram brass and 28n redding type s fl sizing die and competition seating die. I have seen that a couple guys on here have went that route and I have picked up some info...