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    Good caliber for hunting Pronghorn in WY or CO

    I am working towards a guided hunt for Pronghorn (may have other questions there, but lets keep this post focused on one topic). My reading of the forums suggest that these critters are skitish and thus long range shots is something you need to prepare for. So, my question is what caliber is...
  2. D

    Running Goats, 'Nuff Said!

    I was blessed to have my first 2 goat season on the eastern plains of CO. We had some very close to camp but as they usually do, they ran. I rolled mine at 425 yards with a Tikka T3 in 270WSM, using a 130gn Hornady GMX, 61.0gn IMR4350, CCI250 primer, Federal brass. I love the dynamic nature of...