pre-fit barrels

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    Bartlein 400MODBB Barrels from Straight Jacket Armory

    There is alot of exciting buzz going on about the new 400MODBB barrels now being offered by Bartlein. The promise of better barrel life and shot counts has shooters very interested in this new barrel material. And since it is made by Bartlein, many are expecting the same top shelf performance...
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    Oh Contraire I say!!! We are living in 2020 here not 2000 and with modern CNC machines and techniques pre-fit barrels are better than ever before. At Straight Jacket Armory we know this to be true! Saying "pre-fits suck"...
  3. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Prefit carbon fiber and stainless barrel for sale

    pre fit barrels and barreled actions are on sale until this sunday! Use Promo code "COVID" at check out to save 50$ and get free shipping on top of our sale prices! we cutr prefits for Big Horn, Curtis, Terminus, ARC, IMPACT, seekins, and more link to website below...
  4. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    A case for the DIY long range rifle

    a couple years ago even talking about building a DIY precision bolt gun was almost unheard of! Same with a pre fit barrel. While many of us have build our own glocks, Sigs, HK, AK47 and 1911s these days. Almost no one has build their own bolt gun! The point is, with today’s tight tolerances...