Bartlein 400MODBB Barrels from Straight Jacket Armory


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Mar 16, 2020
There is alot of exciting buzz going on about the new 400MODBB barrels now being offered by Bartlein. The promise of better barrel life and shot counts has shooters very interested in this new barrel material. And since it is made by Bartlein, many are expecting the same top shelf performance they have come to trust out of Bartlein. Great accuracy with better life....we want it!

Straight Jacket Armory out of Evanston, Wyoming has lots of 400MODBB barrels heading our way when Bartlein starts shipping initial orders!

So if you are in the market for one of these new barrels check out our 400MODBB Pre-Fit barrel page to order yours today,! These barrels are on sale at $935.99 from the list price of $999

WAIT IT GETS BETTER.......Long Range Hunting forum members get an additional $40 OFF and FREE SHIPPING using code bartlein-lrh

Get your order placed today to be one of the first ones to receive these Bartlein 400MODBB Pre-FIT barrels from our initial order shipment.

To place your order by phone call 307-707-3181 Ext 1

Shoot Straight!


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