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  1. OldManCrider

    Passing of the Torch…

    Hello all, Just wanted to introduce myself. I am the son of Rhett Crider. He was a member on here for quite some time. I would reload with him and we would always talk about his latest builds. Most all I did was load out for my 3 basic rifles. (.243 Model 70, .270 Browning A-Bolt w/ BOSS, and...
  2. B

    New to Wyoming

    Hey everyone! Im new to Wyoming (Laramie) and new to the forum! Excited to be in both spaces. I am a transplant from the southeast (Western NC) and am a self taught hunter starting when I was in my mid 20's. I was hoping on advice for some good groups in the area that could help me make some...
  3. Blueridgeguy

    New from Western NC

    Hello, just joined today been reading for a while. Primarily a hunter and just getting into some PRS and more long range. Look forward to learning more from all of you!
  4. Hawkeye Pierce

    New to forums.

    Hello everybody, I am usually a back ground just reading different forums. This page i have come to really enjoy for the different people and questions, so I decided to join in the fun. Currently I'm a disabled veteran and a firearms instructor and safety trainer. I have 3 daughters that love...
  5. Ludite

    New Guy Here from New York

    Hi gents. I'm a new member, but a former lurker. I'm from NY state, but not from the City of New York. Don't blame that on me. Like you all, I'm all about guns, I own too many to count. A couple of old Sakos, to a few Remington 700s and a ton of rifles and shotguns in between. I intend to...
  6. rexxxy

    Hello Everyone !!

    Hello Everyone New Dude From Fl
  7. Tatsnscoots

    Hello From New Guy

    Hello from West Texas. My name is Doug and I am an avid target shooter and hunter. I have been reloading for about a year now and am currently consumed with all thing 6.5. I enjoy building MSR’s mainly in 6.5 Grendel and recently acquired a Ruger Hawkeye Target in 6.5 PRC.