New Guy Here from New York


Dec 20, 2019
New York
Hi gents. I'm a new member, but a former lurker. I'm from NY state, but not from the City of New York. Don't blame that on me.

Like you all, I'm all about guns, I own too many to count. A couple of old Sakos, to a few Remington 700s and a ton of rifles and shotguns in between.

I intend to post a custom Kirby Allen for sale, so I donated $20.00 to the forum before I logged in, just so I'm not being a jerk.

I almost retired, and I'm looking forward to spending my days in the high plain states shooting at things that are very far away.
Welcome to the forum! Do you do much shooting these days?

I'm mostly shooting Clay Sports, every week when the weather is nice.
I'm only shooting long distance on hunting trips.
Our longest range around here is only 200 yards, I use that to stay in tune with my rifle triggers.
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