1. FireFlyFishing

    Boutique Mono Bullets

    All, I have a few rifles that need load development. That being said, I’d really like to try some of the pricey boutique mono bullets offered nowadays. I’ve heard enough fan fare to convince me I should try some out. The first rifle I will work on will be a 7 REM Mag with a 1-9” twist...
  2. J

    McGuire Ballistics 168 Copper Rose

    I want to start by saying that I have never been a copper bullet guy, I have always shot cup and core lead bullets and never really had any intentions of going away from that. Recently I came across these McGuire Ballistics Copper Rose bullets and I saw the great BC and they caught my attention...
  3. Petey308

    Testing the 135gr Apex-Outdoors Afterburners

    Got my 135gr .308" Afterburners in today. So here starts the testing on them. Follow along. I'll be starting the testing in a 24" 1:10 twist 308win and the intent is to test them close range first on whitetail this November. First thing was first, I wanted to see how consistent these bullets...
  4. T

    Hammer vs cutting edge monolithics

    Any and all thoughts omen these two. Accuracy, terminal performance, pics, jump they like, etc Most of all I am curious if one is preferred Thanks