mcmillan a5

  1. ncfireman83

    SOLD/EXPIRED McMillan A3-5 Remington 700 Inlet

    Up for sale is my McMillan A3-5. Stock has been a great one just going a different direction for my 300 WSM. It’s Desert Tan Transition, has QD cups left side and 1 on the bottom with another in the pic rail up front. Plenty of carrying options! It’s inletted for a Remington 700 short action and...
  2. SierraTwo

    Remington 700 Stocks - McMillan, Manners, Taylor Precision

    The older I get, the more I realize one of two things needs to happen: the rifle needs to get lighter or I need to get in shape. The likelihood of one of those things happening is SIGNIFICANTLY greater than the other :confused: As such, I've been bitten by the carbon fiber (stock) bug and I...
  3. J

    McMillan A5 Stock with Seekins Bottom Metal - $700 Shipped

    Excellent condition A5 stock with Seekins bottom metal for AICS mags. Inlet for Rem 700 SA. Stock has McMillan hardware for adjustable comb and also adjustable length of pull. Barrel channel is a little larger than Rem Varmint. Measures 1.35" at lug and 1.2" at the muzzle end. Stock has pillars...
  4. Rex Tibor

    Surgeon XL Remedy .338 Lapua ~ Reliable, Rugged and Ridiculously Effective

    Here is a snapshot of my beloved old puška! This pic was from 10 years ago when I first started really slammin' it at >1.5km with the .338 Lapua. I am still runnin' the old double turn Schmitty. I still roll'em mild, still love the old 300 grain SMKs. She pushes back with some weight, yet...