Surgeon XL Remedy .338 Lapua ~ Reliable, Rugged and Ridiculously Effective

Rex Tibor

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Apr 2, 2018
United States
Here is a snapshot of my beloved old puška! This pic was from 10 years ago when I first started really slammin' it at >1.5km with the .338 Lapua. I am still runnin' the old double turn Schmitty. I still roll'em mild, still love the old 300 grain SMKs. She pushes back with some weight, yet ever-so-gently and with a hefty yet not piercing - - - whoosha'. She is a breeze to handle. Incredibly enjoyable watching that shiny copper heel gleaning in the setting sun, tracking its way all the up through the ascending leg, over the mountain, and back down straight into victory. lol I love this thing!

If I could only keep 1 of my ELR rigs, this would certainly be it. Simple, rugged, and streamlined.

~ Rex out!
Surgeon Remedy .338 Lapua (19).jpg
Wow, I remember watching your video(s) on YouTube back when you wrote up your scope quality review back in 2012, I walked away thoroughly impressed! I was so impressed I continued to watch everyone of your reviews and tutorials prior to that one, and years later. So thanks for all the work and effort you put into making your videos Rex.

I've heard a few people try to knock your work down, only far more have said otherwise. I just have to say that's just BS..... They're just trying to make themselves look smart by knocking someone else's work down....... Not many people in this World could reach such a huge audience and bring that much info for free!

I know you had fallen on hard times health wise years ago, and you had recovered somewhat, hopefully you're still doing better? I just ran across one of your videos a week ago you did last year with the 308 Winchester and extreme long range equipment. Cool stuff! I only wish I could afford all the stuff I'd like to use but the sheer number of bullets I send down range make that harder and harder these days.

There's very few people that went out and produced more informational tutorials on the subject of long range shooting then You Rex! Certainly not for free, and/or to anyone so easily as watching a video on YouTube.

Nice to see you're still Alive and sending them way out there!

Thanks again and God Bless you!
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