Remington 700 Stocks - McMillan, Manners, Taylor Precision


Feb 7, 2018
Central North Dakota
The older I get, the more I realize one of two things needs to happen: the rifle needs to get lighter or I need to get in shape. The likelihood of one of those things happening is SIGNIFICANTLY greater than the other :confused: As such, I've been bitten by the carbon fiber (stock) bug and I need to make room on the project shelf...

I have a shipping discount with UPS and you'll pay what I pay. I'll communicate shipping costs prior to requesting payment.

McMillan A5 - Rem 700 SA - Varmint/Sendero - M5 - McMillan Desert Tan - $625
- New
McMillan HTG - Rem 700 LA - Varmint/Sendero - BDL - McMillan Forest Camo - $600
- Action bedded (AccraGlass, Rem std recoil lug), seen the bench but not the field, 50rds over it
Manners T4A - Rem 700 SA - Varmint/Sendero - BDL - Molded Gap Camo - $700
- New
Taylor Precision M40 - Rem 700 SA - Varmint/Sendero - BDL - walnut, hand-rubbed BLO - $550
- Screwed together a M40 mock-up with an SPS Varmint to see how it looked, otherwise New

Pics to follow. Please feel free to ask any questions.