1. outdoorsmunn

    SOLD/EXPIRED Kahles K525i SKMR3 reticle w/ left windage (LSW) 5-25x56

    For sale is a Kahles K525i with SKMR3 reticle and left side windage. The scope comes with a MKM throw lever and parallax spinner as well as the factory box and neoprene scope cover. The scope is in great condition with only a couple small nicks in the finish (circled in the pics below). No ring...
  2. T

    Kahles K525i MOAK LSW

    For sale is a Kahles K525i, MOAK, LSW. The scope comes with original box and all items, as pictured. It is in as new condition, no ring marks. Price is $2,500 or best reasonable offer shipped FOB, UPS or USPS in the contiguous 48 states. If buyer would like insurance, buyer will pay the...
  3. T

    USO FDN-25 JVCR reticle

    A brand new US Optics Foundation FDN-25 5-25x52 with the JVCR reticle, ER3K elevation knobs, US#1 windage knobs, and an integral bubble level. The scope was taken out of the box so I could take pictures. $2,650 shipped.
  4. T

    Kahles K525i

    For sale is a Kahles K525i, MOAK, LSW. The scope comes with original box and all items, as pictured. It is in as new condition, no ring marks. Price is $2,800 or best reasonable offer shipped FOB, UPS or USPS in the contiguous 48 states. If buyer would like insurance, buyer will pay the...
  5. S

    Swarovski ATS HD 20-60x80

    Thinking about selling and/or trading my spotter for a set of 12x42 NL pure's. Absolutely incredible spotter. Arguably the best spotting scope available today. For me, primarily hunting on the west side of the cascades a spotting scope isn't super practical and just adds weight. I use my binos a...
  6. S

    SOLD/EXPIRED Swarovski ATS 20-60x80

    No trades only looking to sell. Basically in brand new condition. The body was never fielded or hunted with according to previous owner. I only mounted it in my tripod at home and in the back deck. Not even dust on the objective. Comes with everything you'd get brand new; the box, paperwork...
  7. S

    WTT Leupold MK5 pr2 mil

    Looking to trade my mk5 5-25 non illuminated pr2 mil scope for a 5-25 pr1 moa OR kahles 5-25 or 6-24 with the moak reticle. Rings can be included if trading for a kahles. Rings are leupold mk4 (high). They cleared my proof barrel when it was mounted on my kelblys and clear the c6 barrel on my anti-x
  8. T

    Kahles, Sig, Vortex clearout

    Clearing out these optics to buy some Swarovskis. Prices are OBO and shipped to your door. All have factory packaging. Trades for these specific items are welcomed. Outdoorsman's pan head, Swarovski EL, NL Pure, 15x56 SLC, and swaro spotting scopes. Vortex Razor HD 16-48x65mm spotter. Excellent...
  9. B

    SOLD/EXPIRED Kahles, Leica, Manners, XLR, Bighorn SR3 LA

    Have 2 stocks and 2 scopes for sale. 1. Kahles 5-25i with left hand wind SKMR-3 reticle-$3000 2. Leica 5-30x56i with PRB reticle-$2200 3. XLR gen 1 magnesium chassis for remington LA. The buttstock is not for sale unless you really want it then we can come up with a price. Thumb rest is...
  10. BigBuck74

    For Sale West German Zeiss Diavari 2.5-10x48 875.00 Shipped

    I am selling my W. German Zeiss Diavari Z 2.5-10×48 MC. 30mm tube, Matte finish, z-plex reticle. Scope is in excellent condition, no ring marks, or scratches on lens. Scope is in 97% or better condition. This is one of the finest optics you can buy. Price - $875.00 shipped to your door...
  11. IdahoHunter208

    Spuhr 4302 34mm scope mount

    Selling my lightly used Spuhr SP4302 scope mount (10.3 moa, 1.5” high). Only used in 3 PRS matches. Perfect clearance for 56mm objective scopes on flat picatinny rails found on ARs/RPR and works great with any other type of rifle. Comes with original box, extra screws, leveling wedge. Minor...
  12. IdahoHunter208

    SOLD/EXPIRED Nightforce ATACR F1 5-25x56

    Selling my Nightforce ATACR F1 5-25x56 w/ 34mm tube. This scope is first focal plane (FFP) with MOAR illuminated reticle and 1/4 MOA elevation and windage turrets. Windage turret can be capped or you can install the “beauty ring” to leave it exposed. The scope is in perfect condition with no...
  13. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    10% off until Friday leupold, Kahles, ARC and more

    Who got new glass For Christmas? who got new rifles, and need glass? Check out these prices after you enter Promo Code - “betterhurry” gives you 10% off optics and rings! Ends Friday! https://straightjacketarmory.com/product-category/accessories/optics-rings-bases/
  14. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Kahles 624i

    up for grabs, Kahles 624i Left hand wind Light use, includes med ARC m10 rings 2,000.00 SKMR reticle
  15. H

    Kahles 10x50-56

    Perfect condition scope, used on a benchrest 22LR for a time. No ring marks or scratches. $2500. Not interested in trades.
  16. Stephen Mills

    Dakota raised a transplant to Sacramento

    There are many chapters to a life started and raised on the Dakota prairies. Only the irrational frenzy of an explorer's mind or a love-smitten heart could cause a prairie-grown lad to locate in the Sacramento Valley and a state where the evening news devotes so much time to both non-existent...
  17. B

    Like new Kahles K624i scope SKMR3

    For sale is a very lightly used Kahles K624i scope, SKMR3 reticle, LSW, CCW (model #10616). It was on my secondary rifle and saw very little use. Not a scratch on it! It comes in the factory box with all the accessories, a Tenebraex ARD, and Tenebraex ocular cap. $2350 shipped and insured. No...
  18. Colt77845

    WTT: Glass Swap

    Just in time for hunting season... 20-60x 85mm vortex razor spotter with additional “unicorn horn” 30x mil reticle wide angle ranging lens, manfroto pistol grip ball head and gitzo tripod. Spotter has not left the house/back porch and tripod has seen field use. I am rifle rich and scope poor...
  19. M

    Nightforce/Kahles discount certificate

    I was lucky enough at a recent match to get chosen in a random draw prize table. The certificate is good for 15% off a Nightforce or Kahles optic of your choice when purchased through Brotherhood Arms in Watertown, SD. Please note that this certificate expires on 10/31/3018. I would love to...
  20. C

    Kahles 624i LSW CCW - MOA

    I have for sale Kahles 624i Gen 3 that has Left Side Windage, Counter Clockwise Turret in MOA with an MOAK illuminated reticle. The scope is in perfect shape, has really only been to the range a couple of times and been in the safe the rest. No blemishes, scratches or other marks. Comes with...