1. thebearking

    6.5 Creedmoor Ammo For Sale

    I have three boxes of 6.5 Creedmoor ammo for sale: Hornady Precision Hunter - 143 gr ELD-X ($60) Sierra GameChanger - 130 gr TGK ($40) Federal Premium - 130 gr Terminal Ascent ($60) If you take all three boxes you can take them all for $150 shipped. For individual boxes I will tack on $10 to...
  2. B

    125 once fired Hornady brass cases for 6mm Creedmoor

    For sale is 125 once fired Hornady brass cases for 6mm Creedmoor. Brass was decapped and tumbled in stainless media. So clean they could pass as new. $50 shipped. First I will take it followed by a pm gets the goods. Payment by PayPal with 3 percent, check, MO, or Z E L L E. Address is Maricopa...
  3. Skullcandy33

    For Sale 6.5 Creed / .308 win reloading die set

    Selling a brand new 6.5 creedmoor die set $50 shipped Hardly used Rcbs 15501 .308 die set $40 shipped Can do PayPal or postal money order
  4. Texas Speed Bump

    140 Grain Hornady Black 6.5 Creedmoor Load

    Although I reload for it, my Bergara 6.5 Creedmoor really likes the 140 grain Hornady Black factory cartridges. I used to be able to get them from Academy but haven't seen any sign of them for months. I was wondering if anyone had worked out the load for that factory cartridge.
  5. B

    SOLD/EXPIRED Hornady 140gr ELDM 500ct Boxes

    Hornady 140gr ELDM in 500ct boxes, still sealed. $180 shipped per 500ct box CONUS. 4 boxes available. Paypal, zelle, cashapp, check. I even have access for CC processing but it will charge you a 4% fee. Thanks all.
  6. B

    For Sale Various reloading dies

    See below for pricing and details. Listing is cross-posted. All dies are used unless otherwise stated. They are all in great usable shape, but may need cleaned. All Lee, Lyman, and Pacific dies are $20. All standard RCBS, Redding, and Hornady dies are $25 unless otherwise noted as some are brand...
  7. Andrew Kopman

    6.5 PRC ammo, 147 gr eldm match factory loads

    Hi, I have 4 boxes of factory loaded 147 grain Hornady ELD Match for 6.5 PRC, all Lot# 81620. I would like to do an even trade for 4 boxes of factory loaded 143 grain Hornady ELD-X hunting rounds for 6.5 prc. If anyone is interested please message me. Pics are of the ELDM's I have for trade, and...
  8. jackie_daytona

    SOLD/EXPIRED Hornady Match 6.5 PRC - 147 gr ELD-M

    Selling 60 rounds same lot # 6.5 PRC ELD-M. $230 shipped.
  9. tr175

    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom 300 PRC

    Custom 300 PRC. Trued Remington 700 ultramag action, 26" 1:8 twist Proof Research carbon bull barrel, directional muzzle brake, fluted bolt, tapered precision recoil lug, trigger tech trigger, Wyatt's extended magazine (4.0"), bedded in Bell & Carlson stock with duratouch finish and free...
  10. C

    243 Hornady FL dies

    Hornady 243 die set: FL sizing die, and their seating die. $30 shipped Please PM if interested.
  11. LVJ76

    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm Remington Corelokts and Hornady Interlocks

    I have several 7mm bullets for sale. Prices include USPS Priority Flat Rate shipping 400 ct - Remington 7mm 150gr Core-lokt PSP - $155.00 100 ct - Hornady 7mm 139gr Interlock SP - $43.00 88 ct - Hornady 7mm 154gr Interlock SP - $38.00 or $200.00 for all 588 ct shipped Thanks for looking LVJ76
  12. DefianceMachine

    New 6mm ARC from BadRock Rifles

    IT'S HERE! Many of you reached out to us asking for it. After we did extensive testing and development to ensure it was just right, we're proud to announce the BadRock South Fork is now available to order in the newer 6mm ARC. The new ARC delivers both performance and energy, and with big box...
  13. C

    WTT .308 200 grain ELD-X

    I have 150 .308 200 grain ELD_X bullets that I'd like to trade. These are the original ELD_X bullets with the dark red transparent tip. (They later changed them to a red tip that isn't see through/transparent) I have a new box of 100 and the bag inside hasn't been opened. (The box was opened to...
  14. L

    SOLD/EXPIRED 30cal bullets

    Hornady 168 gr match. .30 each Nosler ballistic tip 125. .49 each Rem 180 gr pro- hunter. .39 each Plus postage to con USA
  15. ddman

    SOLD/EXPIRED 300 prc eldx ammo

    300 PRC 212 ELDX. I found 3 more boxes and can’t find the action and barrel I want now so I’ve decided to sell the ammo and just wait. I paid 74.99 per box plus tax. Came out to $82.04 a box . $680 + actual shipping. That’s $85 a box. I don’t think that’s to much for me to ask on top of what I...
  16. ddman

    6.8 SPC ammo, brass, dies, bullets

    I gathered all this stuff up for a build but I have too many irons in the fire and need funds to finish other stuff first. 7 boxes (140 rounds) of Hornady Black 110gr Vmax loaded factory ammo 1 box (20 rounds) HSM 115gr Sierra HPBT Match King loaded factory ammo 100 Remington brass NEW RCBS...
  17. ddman


    I found a case of 300 PRC 212 ELDX. I only need 100 rounds but the guy wouldn’t split up the case. I paid 74.99 per box plus tax. Came out to $82.04 a box ( 9.4% tax 🤯). I’m just trying to recoup some of my money and help anyone else out that can’t find any like me. $425 + actual shipping...
  18. ddman

    SOLD/EXPIRED 6.5 Creed dump, ammo, brass, dies

    Title says it all. I won’t have the gun next week so I won’t need these 64 Winchester 129 power points 20 Hornady superformance 129 sst 52 Hornady 143 eldx 20 Hornady Black 140 BTHP 20 Hornady American Gunner 140 BTHP I WILL NOT SPLIT AMMO AT THIS TIME 34 Winchester 1x fired brass 70 Hornady...
  19. fnlights

    RCBS, Hornady, Redding, or Forster Dies

    What dies does everyone out there like? I own RCBS and Hornady, but not the other higher end ones. Anyone that has experience with both, any personal preferences? Are they worth the extra $? Looking for my long range hunting 300 win mag!
  20. LVJ76

    .222 Hornady 40gr Jet bullets for sale

    Prices include Flat Rate Priority Mail shipping. Some boxes have been opened but the bullet count has been verified: Hornady 22 Cal .224 40gr V-Max Moly Coated - 100ct = $25 - SPF Hornady 22 Cal .224 45gr HP/BEE - 100ct = $25- SOLD Hornady 22 Cal .222 40gr Jet -100ct = $25