1. S

    Tikka pre-fit headspace, Go/No-go

    I recently replaced a Tikka T3X .300WM sporter barrel with a factory take-off barrel that was threaded so I could shoot suppressed. Upon checking the headspace, the bolt closed on a go-gauge, but also closed on a no-go gauge. However, upon adding a piece of scotch tape (roughly another .002") to...
  2. Dukerugger25

    Hornady Headspace Comparator for 6.5 PRC

    As the title states, does anyone know which Hornady Headspace Comparator should be used with the 6.5 PRC? Many thanks.
  3. T

    Nonsensical Headspace Measurements on 223rem cases...??

    How would full-length sizing a case increase the headspace measurement on a .223 case, and charging/seating/crimping decrease the headspace measurement?? This weekend, I started taking headspace measurements on some 223 cases in my stockpile in various states on the way to being reloaded, in...
  4. A

    Hard time closing bolt on 35 Whelen. Why?

    Here is what I think is likely a very simple problem I am having. I'm a fairly experienced reloader, but hopefully the real gurus here can help me out. I have a 35 Whelen built on a 1903-A3 action. It was not a rebarrel, but a rebore by Dan Pendersen at Classic Barrel & Gunworks in AZ. I am...