hammer hunter 124gr

  1. OG-danimal

    Hammer hunter success

    Long story short I made a bad shot, and the 124 HH saved my bacon… I think. I shot this buck hard quartering away at 177 yards with my 6.5 prc. MV 3300fps. Due to variables, mostly the sun blinding me through my scope, the shot ended up entering into the rear quarter/ham. He ran, but bedded down...
  2. staghunter

    N165 & 6.5 PRC

    Figured I’d try this and see how it worked with the 124 gr HH. Hornady says don’t go over 60. I loaded from 57 to 60 to see what the ladder looked like. The second shot went off and I was at 3223 fps and solid pressure. I mean real heavy bolt fight to get it open with marks on the brand new...