1. S


    Do you have barrel blanks sitting around that you bought with the intention of putting them to good use?? If that is you...SEND US YOUR BARREL BLANKS! Let Nick Arnold, Tristen Arnold and the guys over at Straight Jacket Armory in Evanston Wyoming cut your chamber for you and get it done right...
  2. KSAv8r

    Tool Marks in Savage BA110 .338 Lapua Magnum Barrel??

    I purchased a new Savage BA110 in .338 Lapua Magnum a couple years ago and went through normal barrel break-in and started doing load workup using Lapua brass, Federal #215 primers, Retumbo and Hornady 285gn ELD Match bullets. The barrel now has 120 rounds through it according to my records. I...
  3. Hawkeye Pierce

    HELP Finding "XM" length box magazines

    OK everybody I need some major help. I'm looking to order an XM length action from Defiance machine but I can't find any box magazines to fit in the American Precision arms bottom metal. Does anybody use these types of actions or know of someone who has Dropbox magazines? Also do you know if...
  4. Hawkeye Pierce

    HELP Finding XM length box magazines

    Im going to be ordering a Defiance Machine Ruckus XM action hopefully relatively soon. Only problem is I can't seem to find box magazines for them. American precision arms has new bottom metal for the action as well as Hawkins Precision, just no mags. What I'm building is a. 260 terminator from...
  5. M

    How do YOU put together a rifle?

    Everyone has their tips and tricks for when they put together a rifle. Some common ones are "push the rings forward before you tighten them to the bases" and "use blue loctite on everything scope related" or the less common "lap your rings to your rail" and "torque then loosen then retorque your...
  6. Sgt. grizz

    What is the best lathe choice for barrel work?

    My barreling lathe just bit the dust. I’m looking for ideas for a new lathe to do Gunsmithing on. Any ideas? I am thinking of a grizzly for now. What would you do? I don’t want to rebuild my old enco 110-2033 because I am having a hard time finding parts for it; the low speed rod only works for...