bushnell elite

  1. S

    Bushnell Elite Tactical 6-36X56 XRS3 G4P BNIB

    BRAND NEW IN A SEALED BOX JUST RECEIVED FROM FACTORY. Bushnell Elite Tactical 6-36X56 XRS3 scope with G4P reticle ETXRS3G4 Zelle Cashapp PayPal $1500 shipped to the lower 48
  2. PopNFresh

    SOLD/EXPIRED Bushnell elite tactical xrs, horus 37 reticule, 4.5-30

    Bushnell Elite Tactical 4.5-30 xrs 34mm body, old style large turrets, FFP, tan. has the box, sunshade, instructions too. Had it on a build and sold the rifle out from under it, believe it's seen targets down range twice and that's it. It's an interesting setup as you zoom the reticule moves up...
  3. Overkill338

    Anyone used a Bushnell Elite 4200 Tactical?

    I picked a 6-24x50 up in a trade (have about $200 in it), and slapped it on my .300 WM. 30mm Tube, SFP, Mil-Dot ,and Clarity seems to be on par with the Zeiss Conquest I had before. Eye relief gets a little picky when you get above 20x, the smokey edges start to get to you. The clicks are easily...