Anyone used a Bushnell Elite 4200 Tactical?


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Sep 23, 2008
I picked a 6-24x50 up in a trade (have about $200 in it), and slapped it on my .300 WM. 30mm Tube, SFP, Mil-Dot ,and Clarity seems to be on par with the Zeiss Conquest I had before. Eye relief gets a little picky when you get above 20x, the smokey edges start to get to you. The clicks are easily heard and felt. Plus, they are repeatable. I just finished zeroing it yesterday.

I know the 4500 was an improvement over this scope, but the only complaints I have found on it, have been that it only has 44 moa of total adjustment. I had to use Ruger #5 ring up front and a #6 in the back, to clear the 50mm bell.

I'm just curious who has used them, and if you liked it or not? I wanted it because I will be shooting this rifle out to 500 yards, and I want to get used to dialing in my range.


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