1. F

    For Sale Bullets .277

    I no longer have my Win .270 so I need to move these also. I only hunted deer w the rifle. But the 140 spbt over RL-22 is devastating. 40 pc - Nosler (original) Partition 130 gr 43 pc - Hornandy 150 gr round nose 55 pc - Sierra Pro-Hunter 130 gr @90 pc - Hornandy 140 gr SPBT (Midway...
  2. Petey308

    Bullet Dissections- what I’ve done and what I haven’t, so far.

    As many of you likely know, bullet construction and terminal ballistics is a bit of a fascinating subject to me, and I’d consider it a passion. Several years ago, I started doing my own research on this stuff, and did a few bullet dissections and recorded the construction and composition of...
  3. Petey308

    Norma BondStrike, TipStrike, and J&A Abram bullets

    More bullets added to my ever growing database. One of these is from a small custom bullet maker, J&A Custom Ammunition, called the Abram. They seem to be a great compromise between a soft point design, that would lower potential BC and consistency, and your typical open tip match (OTM) bullet...
  4. J

    Reloading bench clear out (Berger bullets, Nosler and Peterson Brass)

    Selling some extra items to buy/trade for more stuff. All prices include shipping. Trade interests are: -Berger 230 hybrids -Berger 6.5 153.5 hybrids -Hornady 230 A tips -Hornady 153 A tips -300 PRC micrometer style seating die and neck sizer Items for sale are: (all bullets are 30 cal) -2...
  5. Petey308

    Yet another ALCO test in work, but my way.

    I know there’s been some testing with these bullets over the years posted here. Results have been mixed it seems, as well as opinions. I’ve been sitting on a few of their offerings for several years now, and am finally going to do my best on giving them a decent test of my own. I’ve decided to...
  6. Petey308

    Testing the 135gr Apex-Outdoors Afterburners

    Got my 135gr .308" Afterburners in today. So here starts the testing on them. Follow along. I'll be starting the testing in a 24" 1:10 twist 308win and the intent is to test them close range first on whitetail this November. First thing was first, I wanted to see how consistent these bullets...
  7. J

    6.5 PRC brass, .30 and 6.5 cal bullets

    Title says it all, looking for; -6.5 PRC brass (would also like some Peterson 300WM long brass) -.30 208-220gr match bullets -6.5mm 140-142gr match bullets Let me know what you’ve got!
  8. J

    Berger .30 185s

    1 box of Berger .30 185gr VLD target, qty 93 bullets in the box. $50 shipped. Will also trade towards 6.5 PRC brass
  9. A

    6.5 prc with eldx on game

    Been thinking about loading eldx in 6.5 prc. Was wondering if anyone on here has any experience with this combo. How did it perform on game? Thanks!
  10. A

    6.5 prc with eldx on game

    Been thinking about loading eldx in 6.5 prc. Was wondering if anyone on here has any experience with this combo. How did it perform on game? Thanks!
  11. Alex Genereux

    SOLD/EXPIRED Badlands Precision .264 125 grain Bull Dozer-2

    Selling new never opened box of 50 count Badlands Precision bulldozer-2 125 gr .264 cal bullets. $45 tyd.
  12. JKPhoto

    Berger .30 Caliber L.R. Hybrid Target 220 grain

    Looking to purchase or trade for Berger 220gr LRHT .308" The more the better!! :)
  13. O

    SOLD/EXPIRED Thousands of 30 caliber bullets (Berger/Hornady) - For trade/sale

    Hi, I've got the following for trade (will only trade for Berger 7mm 175gr Elite Hunter) or sale: 1186 Hornady 178gr A-MAX ($475 shipped) SOLD 971 Hornady 168gr A-MAX ($425 shipped) SOLD 400 Hornady 180gr RN Interlock ($160 shipped) SOLD 982 Berger 185gr Juggernauts ($590 shipped)...
  14. coldboremiracle

    New PVA Cayuga 6mm 100 grain hunting bullets

    Just finished up butchering a couple deer taken with the new 100 grain Cayuga solids from Patriot Valley, did an excellent job: https://coldboremiracle.com/2021/11/04/cayuga-solid-copper-bullets-6mm-100-grain/
  15. Petey308

    Berger Hybrid vs Berger VLD

    So I finally got to dissecting a Berger Hybrid not too long ago. What I found confirms my long suspicion as well as others I've talked to about them and their performance. There's an enormous cavity below the open tip and before the core. Not all OTM style bullets are like this, at least not to...
  16. Petey308

    Selecting a Hunting Bullet

    Selecting a Hunting Bullet When it comes to selecting a hunting bullet, and contrary to popular belief, bullet weight and/or retained energy isn't the all-deciding factor on penetration and overall terminal performance. Actually, it all depends greatly on how the bullet is constructed, the...
  17. Petey308

    My thoughts on solid copper bullets and in comparison to other bullet types.

    To continue the theme of bullet construction/composition from my post yesterday, I wanted to make a separate post regarding homogenous (solid/monolithic/etc) bullets. I was also asked to share this multiple times. These types of bullets were originally made to fill a simple role and purpose...
  18. Petey308

    Bullet construction

    So bullets, particularly bullet construction and composition, is sort of a thing for me. I enjoy the science and how it plays such a crucial role in the terminal performance of said bullet. I've done a lot of research, testing, dissecting, etc of a lot of bullets now, and I've tried sharing that...
  19. C

    WTT .308 200 grain ELD-X

    I have 150 .308 200 grain ELD_X bullets that I'd like to trade. These are the original ELD_X bullets with the dark red transparent tip. (They later changed them to a red tip that isn't see through/transparent) I have a new box of 100 and the bag inside hasn't been opened. (The box was opened to...
  20. outdoorsmunn

    SOLD/EXPIRED 338 bullets - Berger 250gr Elite Hunter & Hybrid OTM Tactical

    I have a few 338 bullets that I don't need right now. All are 250gr Berger bullets. The first box is unopened 100ct Elite Hunters, and the next box is Hybrid OTM Tactical with 35ct left. I would like to sell as a single lot to avoid multiple shipping charges. Asking $115 shipped/insured. I can...