1. Bghunter338

    For Sale 7mm 180gr Berger VLD target

    I have 182 of these I'm selling for $100 + 8.30 for usps small flats rate shipping. Willing to trade for other 7mm bullets in the 162, 175, or 180 range.
  2. bkshafer

    .270 150 Grain Nosler Ballistic Tip Bullets ( Factory Seconds )

    I have 3 new unopened 50 count bags of Nosler Ballistic Tip Seconds. Asking $45.00 O.B.O. Shipped anywhere in the USA. Would trade for .264, .284, or .30 caliber bullets of equal value. I can take PayPal ( Friend and Family), USPS or other money orders. DESCRIPTION: Nosler 270 Caliber 150...
  3. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED Parting out large estate sale - CONDENSING TO NEW AD

    For sale are the following bullets. These are the remnants of a large estate sale. I do not have immediate physical access to these (they're stored in a storage unit) so I can't check lot numbers, etc. If a box is partial, price will be adjusted accordingly. At least once a week, maybe twice...
  4. SilverbulletMAG

    Clearing off bench - various bullets for sale

    Springs cleaning time I guess. I have tried to narrow down the random bullets I'm shooting in various rifles so these are thinning the herd. These will ship in the boxes shown...most are not original boxes as I buy in bulk, same lot where possible and keep them in bins. Prices do not include...
  5. Bjt308

    Hornady .224 53gr V max

    I have 7 new sealed 100 count boxes of hornady .224 53 gr v max for sale. Asking 15.00 a box plus 12.00 shipping from worland, Wyoming.
  6. patross79

    68 bthp .224

    For sale 2600+ 68gr Hornady bthp .224 Bulk packaged 1000 have cannelure 1600+ w/o cannelure 13$ per 100 +shipping (whatever fits in a flat rate priority box) Or buy em all for $300 shipped.
  7. GLTaylor

    Want to try Hammer Bullets

    I need some help please. I have read quite a lot about the Hammer bullets in this forum. They seem to be popular generally. I want to work up a load for my 6.5 CM to give them a try. I prefer something in the 130-140 gr range and am leaning towards the 130s. I've never used Hammers, but it...
  8. GLTaylor

    6.5/06 AI Questions

    I'm thinking about a new toy. I have a 25/06 AI I had set up to try and chase .257 Wby velocities. Obviously, it fell kinda short, even with a 26" bbl. I'm now thinking about having it rebarreled to the 6.5/06 AI for much better bullet selections. My question is, I have several hundred pieces...
  9. HeathGT

    Berger bullets, Nosler brass, Nosler bullets, RCBS dies

    I am selling some stuff I've had laying around for the last year or so and I'd like to clear some room on my bench. New RCBS 300 WBY Mag die set (RCBS#15201). $25 shipped Contact me at 334-398-0938. Thanks!
  10. bob4

    Berger, Sierra and Forster BBN

    Shipping flat rate: Berger 30cal 175 gn VLD hunting (197). . $80 shipped Forster Bushing, bump, neck sizing dies. 270 win and 300 WM , each has extra pins and 3 bushings in original boxes.. $50 each shipped. Will text pics if you like ************************************** 2 boxes (200...
  11. Daegon

    338 Rum and 285 ELDMs

    I picked up a box of 285 ELDMs for my 338 Rum with a lil beast brake on a stock 26” sporter barrel and action. Hornady is less than zero help and need some load data or at least a good start point. I have H-1000 and retumbo and would prefer to stick with those for temp stability but I’m open...
  12. LittleMike

    Problem chambering 30-06 the bolt sticks

    This happen today, I hand loaded 30 nosler, 30-06 cases ( fired 4x ) with 180gr Nosler Accubonds, - Oal to ogive 2.7020", - all cases were previously neck sized, - measured to shoulder 2.0455", - trim length 2.4855" - all primers below edge of pocket When I chamber the round, before I...
  13. Floundertrap

    WTB .277 cal Matrix 165 and 175gn Hunting Bullets

    I'm looking to buy 165gn and 175gn matrix hunting bullets in .277 (.270). Partial boxes welcome. I'll be running a 270wsm on an AB2 long action with a 28" brux 8-twist bbl. I'm open to other overbore bullets you may have as well. I have the 170 Berger EOL hunters already.
  14. sheffe

    Bullet clean-out 7 mm & 6.5 mm

    Prices show are shipped to your door. Happy to barter, trade or combine orders for reduce shipping. PM to arrange payments & shipping. 6.5 MM Bullets: 120 gr. Sierra pro hunter- 100 ct. full box $22 129 gr. Hornady SST - 50 Ct. partial- $16 130 gr. Berger VLD Target - 80 Ct. partial 38$ 140...
  15. DangerRanger

    SOLD/EXPIRED 357 dies, brass, bullets

    lee 357 mag dies Starline brass 100 pieces 500 count RMR 158 grain RNFP 100 count Hornady XTP 158grain One of the (250) grain bags has a slight tear and bullets can fall out with manipulation. The box they came in didnt have any loose and I don’t think any fell out. The torn bag weighs 5lb 11.1...
  16. T

    Berger bullets! 7mm 6mm 25 cal

    Sold sold sold everything’s gone 900- 7mm target hybrid 180 grain $385 300- 7mm hunting 180 grain sold 100- 7mm hunting 180 grain sold 100-7mm hunting 180 grain open box $40 100- 7mm 168 classic hunters $45 300- 25 cal hunting 115 grain SPF 400- 6mm hunting 105 grain $130 All new...
  17. antelopedundee

    BUYER: mobenzowner

    fast pay and great buyer for some bullets. smooth deal
  18. T

    Hammer vs cutting edge monolithics

    Any and all thoughts omen these two. Accuracy, terminal performance, pics, jump they like, etc Most of all I am curious if one is preferred Thanks
  19. wboregon

    200 - Berger 250gr 338 otm tactical

    2 - boxes of .338 250GR HYBRID OTM Tacticals Bought these originally for my 338 edge, but ended up buying a very large quantity of 300gr noslers, I don't think I'll have a use for these in the near future, so hoping to liquidate them to a good home. Boxes are open, but contain their original...
  20. C

    Tubbs lapping bullets?

    Has anyone used these? If so how was the results? Was it worth the time and money? Noticeable results, gains in accuracy or velocity? Thank you Colby