brown bear

  1. JumpinLegs

    .308 or .338 Caliber Elk and Up Cartridge

    I'm trying to decide on a cartridge for elk-sized game and up for shots up to 800 yards. It must be at least .308 caliber. I have a .270 Win which will handle everything up to elk comfortably. This cartridge should also be enough gun for brown bear, though it will mainly be for a...
  2. Overkill338

    ELD-X NOT recommended under 400 yards.

    I emailed Hornady, after we had that huge debacle about Brown bear with the ELD-X. I was curious why they recommended the SST from a .338 WM, and the 220 Interlock from a 30-06, when the 200,212,and 230 ELD-X is not. Even the 270gr in the Lapua isn't recommended for brownies.
  3. Gale Johnson

    Montana Rifle Company Model 1999 V2 375 H&H

    I have a like new Montana with a NECG Masterpiece Fully Adj Rear Sight, Masterpiece Banded Ramp Front Sight with Partridge Sight Insert, Talley Bases and Talley Quick Detach 1" Rings, put a Scope on and your ready to go, gun is very accurate and pleasant to shoot. I bought this from original...