barrel life

  1. Blaster01

    Ultimate 7

    So my buddy told me his dream rifle. He has a 28 nosler right now that will be shot out in no time so he’s thinking about what he wants to rebarrel it as. What he wants is a 7, with better barrel life than a 28. He wants to get 1000 rounds out of a barrel and he wants to shoot the 190 atip or...
  2. HunterShooter

    Win Model 70 Barrel suggestions

    Hi All, I have a Winchester Model 70 Extreme SS in a 30-06 that is only a few years old, but I reload and shoot a LOT. I think my barrel may be coming to the end it's life in the near future. I have been very happy with accuracy to this point as I am getting .3 to .5" 100 yard groups shooting...
  3. .30cal fanatic

    Magnum/Super Magnum Barrel Life Register

    i thought it would be cool if we had a registry of shooters experiences with barrel life on the larger magnums, that way users have atleast an approximation of what to expect when choosing a chambering. I have shot over 2000 rounds with my win and rem mags but have recently built quite a few of...
  4. combatcurt

    Speed vs Barrel life

    Ok, this topic seems to always carry extremely polarized opinions. On one side, folks argue that accuracy is far more important than velocity, and the other side gives up a little accuracy for speed. On another spectrum, some will worry about barrel life while some would rather not worry...