1. Ashlo84

    Athlon argos btr

    Hi all, I recently mounted an athlon argos btr 1-4 on a rifle. I used a burris pepr mount 30mm as is the scope. I used a wheeler torque wrench to mount. Scope states 25in pounds the mount states 20inch pounds. I set the wrench just above 20. Mounted the scope and as I acquired a sight picture I...
  2. 257Tony

    Athlon Cronus BTR 4.5-29x56 MOA

    Lightly used, mounted on a bench gun, never been "in the field". No scratches or dings, glass is perfect. Comes with the bubble level. $1200.00 Trades: Vortex razor HD LHT in MOA. Also have a set of Seekins 34mm rings I'll throw in for $75. $40 to ship insured to lower 48. Will be double boxed.
  3. J

    Athlon Cronus BTR Gen1 4.5-29x56mm FFP MIL + Nightforce Ultralight rings

    For sale: Athlon Cronus BTR Gen1 4.5-29x56mm 34mm tube APRS FFP illuminated MIL reticle I bought this lightly used 3 years ago for my Tikka T3x CTR 6.5cm long range rig (rifle is for sale on here too) Has about 500 rounds on it. Has been in one match, but not marks on it from that. Glass is...
  4. Shooter1735

    Athlon Midas Tac 6-24x50

    Excellent condition Athlon midas tac 6-24x50 aplrs4 moa reticle. 30mm tube. Warne rings.There is two small marks on windage cap and rim of bell hardly noticable.(pictured).glass is perfect and tracks great! Five-fitty tyd.
  5. TriggerTime426

    Athlon Helos FFP BTR Scope 30mm 6-24x 50mm Mil APMR

    Got a brand new in box never mounted Athlon helos FFP 6-24x50 MIL illuminated scope looking looking to trade it for a equivalent scope that uses MOA system minimum 18 magnification has to be FFP...vortex, athlon, burris veracity, etc. Lemme no what ya got nd if ur interested.
  6. Overkill338

    My .300 RUM Build

    Figured I'd start a post to keep track of things. Remington 700 Long Range EGW 20 MOA 1 piece Rail Vortex Tactical Rings (6 screws) Athlon Argos 8-34x56 MIL Muzzle brake from Ebay (if I'm not happy he offered my money back) 13.1 lbs as it sits Bullets to try 220 ELD-X 225 ELD-M 180 AB 200 AB...
  7. Blaster01

    Trade mk5 5-25 pr1

    Looking to trade my leupold mark 5hd 5-25 with pr1 reticle for a mark 5 3.6-18 or 5-25 with any tree style reticle in moa. Might even consider trading for two ffp scopes in the 7-850 dollar range. Arkens preferred if anyone has two ep4s they would get rid of. Would also trade for a tract toric...
  8. tr175

    SOLD/EXPIRED Athlon Talos 3-12x40

    New Athlon Talos 3-12x40 w/center x reticle. $125 Shipped.
  9. tr175

    SOLD/EXPIRED Athlon Talos 4-16x40

    New Athlon Talos 4-16x40 w/illuminated BDC 600 reticle. $159 shipped .
  10. B

    SOLD/EXPIRED Athlon Midas BTR 4.5-27x50 SF 30mm APLR1 SFP IR-MIL Reticle Riflescope

    In excellent condition. Glass is perfect and not even a scratch on the body. Comes with box and manuals etc. Asking $500 $420 shipped in the US. Selling only because I have no need for it at the moment!
  11. xugz0212

    Leupold GR Vs Vortex Razor HD Vs Athlon Ares?

    Going to get my 1st spotting scope. Main usage would be spotting at range out to 500 yard (but considering 1000 yard in the future), and also do a few hunting. My budget is no more than $1400 I've narrowed down my options to: * Leupold GR 12-40*60 HD * Vortex Razor HD 22-48 * Vanguard Endeavor...
  12. FURMAN

    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS Athlon Ares BTR MOA 4.5-27

    Has around 150 rounds fired with it mounted and no ring marks. You can not tell it has been mounted. It will come in the box. It's a great scope at a good price I have moved on to other things. $750 shipped.