1. D

    SOLD/EXPIRED 338 Lapua Mag ADG brass and Hornady match dies

    Selling the reloading components that I had purchased for a 338 Lapua Mag build that will not be coming together after all. All components are new and unopened. 338 Lapua Hornady Match Grade Dies $70 50pcs 338 Lapua ADG brass - $110 TYD
  2. D

    22 creedmoor brass recommendations?

    Im not interested in necking down brass. Alpha munitions, Peterson , ADG & Hornady all have 22 creedmoor brass. Does anyone have a recommendation or experience with mentioned brass. I personally have experience with Hornady brass in other cartridges.
  3. IdahoHunter208

    Recent 28 Nosler Proven Load Data

    I just have a custom 28 Nosler built and was wanting to pick everyone brain a bit. I’ve read a ton of other threads on LRH as well as other forums but haven’t seen any super recent data with proven results. I know @rpierce has had a ton of experience and I have chatted with him a bit. Let me...
  4. T

    ADG Brass 7 Rem Mag, 300 Win Mag, 28 Nosler Available

    My ADG brass shipment is on its way to me so I have now made it available for purchase on my site. Here is a link >> The link is for the 7 Rem Mag but the other brass in on my site also. More 6.5 PRC coming next week
  5. T

    ADG Brass 7mm Remington Magnum Available Now

    I have my shipment from ADG on its way and now have the brass available for purchase on my site. Here is a link >> I have 28 Nosler, 300 Win Mag on hand, also listed on my site. More 6.5 PRC coming next week.
  6. T

    ADG 6.5 PRC Brass In Stock

    It's going fast but still have some left. I just received my shipment of ADG 6.5 PRC brass. Get it while you can. Here is a link to my site to purchase>>
  7. Steve Baker

    Wtb 300 wm adg brass

    Looking for 300 WM ADG Brass
  8. B

    300 WM brass, dies, bullets

    Redding 300 win mag type s full length bushing die with .332 bushing included $60 SOLD 300- 3x100 count boxes Berger 30 Cal 215gr hybrid target same lot still in the wrapping $135 SOLD 100 pcs ADG brass 50 are new still in package 35 have been fired 2-3 times 12 have been loaded and pulled...

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