1. B

    Remington 700 7mm rum price?

    I took in a Remington 700 in 7mm rum, with an ugly Boyd’s rainbow colored stock I’ve since painted. But I want to know if there’s a value for this rifle. I’ve looked at other chassis’s & stocks. All very expensive, and hard to find one that’ll work for the RUM. What’s the value for something...
  2. hogheadv2

    SOLD/EXPIRED 7 RUM Brass / Ammo

    One box factory Remington 140 gn, Two boxes of once fired brass. $80 shipped , 48 states. First to PM me the Yes w/address gets them.
  3. CanisLupus

    Bartlein cf 7mm barrel blank

    WTB Bartlein carbon fiber wrapped barrel blank ... 7mm ... 1-8 tw ... for 24" finish length ... #13 (Rem. Varmint / Sendero) contour
  4. O

    SOLD/EXPIRED Berger 7mm 175gr Elite Hunters

    Hi, I have 8 boxes of Berger 7mm 175gr Elite Hunter bullets for sale. Five are unopened; one was opened but contains the full 100 count. I am selling them for $60 a box, preferably all eight at once ($480). I will cover shipping in the continental USA if you pick up all of them.
  5. R

    Nosler E-Tip & Barnes TTSX 7mm 140 gr

    2 boxes (50 ct) Nosler Expansion Tip 140gr 7mm - $50 each, includes shipping 3 boxes (50 ct) Barnes TTSX 140gr 7mm (1 bullet was used to measure lands and is a little scratched up) - $45 each, includes shipping
  6. Fisher T&C

    SOLD/EXPIRED McGowan Stainless Blanks $170

    I'm selling 3 McGowan unturned stainless barrel blanks for $170 each shipped or $470 for all 3. The blanks are 28" length and 1.250" diameter, each one weighs just over 9 pounds and all are button rifled and lapped free of tooling marks. Shipped UPS Ground, PP, Venmo,USPS Money Order or...
  7. 360Precision

    Custom Terminus Kratos, McMillan, Proof Research 7mm Bolt-Action

    McMillan Adjustable Game Warden Stock, Terminus Kratos inlet Terminus Kratos Lite, Long Action, Magnum Bolt Face, 20MOA Right Hand Remington Long Action Oberndorf Bottom Metal TriggerTech Rem 700 Special Right Hand Pro Curved with Bolt Release Hawkins 4-Port Tank ST Self-Timing Muzzle Brake...
  8. kmarsh1966

    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm 150 Bulldozer 2

    200 unopened 7mm 150 gr Bulldozer 2 by Badlands Precision. Same lot. Purchased prior to build, and went with a different bullet. $60/50 or $200/200 shipped conus. PP F&F, Venmo, Zelle Would consider trade for new 7 SAUM ADG Brass
  9. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm 162gr ELDMs and other Hornady Bullets

    614pcs of 162 ELD Match and an assortment of other bullets. $300 Shipped for the lot.
  10. Boomstickin

    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington Premier 7mm Rem Mag Ammo

    Remington Premier 7mm Rem Mag 150gr Nosler Ballistic Tip, 56 Rounds ( 2 Full Boxes, 1 Box/16 Rounds). Will also throw in 47 once fired brass (37-Rem, 10-Fed). $155 Shipped
  11. W

    Copper bullet for 7mm Sherman Short

    I ordered a new custom rifle with a 26” 8 twist barrel in a 7mm Sherman Short. I would like to use the rifle for mountain goat hunting and possibly a backup rifle for Roosevelt elk. The rifle will be hunted with a brake and surpression, not that this probably matters to my question. My...
  12. Runnin N Gunnin

    Berger 7mm 168 VLD Hunting WTT

    I have two full unopened boxes (different lots) of Berger 7mm 168 VLD hunting I would like to trade for some Berger 7mm 175 grain elite hunters or Berger 7mm 180 hybrid targets. I also have four boxes of 7mm Berger 184 hybrid targets (all same lot), 5 boxes of Barnes 7mm 168 LRX bullets, or some...
  13. Rent Outdoor Gear

    Actions - Defiance & Lone Peak Ti

    Actions & Barrels for Sale - NEW IN BOX all prices shipped to your door or FFL when required. Defiance Deviant Tactical XM - 20 MOA rail, raw unfinished, RH, Mag bolt face. for DBM - $1,450 Defiance Deviant Elite - 20 MOA rail DLC coated, RH, Std Short Action .308 bolt face. $1,500 Lone Peak...
  14. LVJ76

    SOLD/EXPIRED New 7mm Rem Mag Brass

    I have 66 pcs of New, never fired, 7mm Rem Mag R.P. Nickel plated brass for sale. Price is $40.00 + $9.00 for USPS Flat Rate Small Box shipping = $49.00 PayPal or USPS money order Thanks for looking Luis
  15. O

    Berger 7mm 175gr EH

    I'm looking for Berger 7mm 175gr Elite Hunters. I know these are hard to come by, but thought this would be worth a shot. I have a large number of 30 cal projectiles (Berger/Hornady) I can trade, if that is preferred, but I'd rather just buy them outright. I normally don't have personal stock...
  16. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm Rem Mag Brass

    103 Norma 1x Fired, FL Sized and Cleaned 20 FC 1x Fired and FL Sized 31 Hornady 1x Fired, FL Sized, Cleaned and Primed $120 shipped TYD Would trade for 30cal Berger VLD Hunting in 195hr or 210gr. Cross posted.
  17. LVJ76

    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm Remington Corelokts and Hornady Interlocks

    I have several 7mm bullets for sale. Prices include USPS Priority Flat Rate shipping 400 ct - Remington 7mm 150gr Core-lokt PSP - $155.00 100 ct - Hornady 7mm 139gr Interlock SP - $43.00 88 ct - Hornady 7mm 154gr Interlock SP - $38.00 or $200.00 for all 588 ct shipped Thanks for looking LVJ76
  18. L

    7 MM TCU 2 die set- full length

    Used but in good condition
  19. J

    7mm Sherman Short

    Great build and extremely accurate. Has 75 rounds down a 21” fluted brux barrel. Gun ware did the smith work. Awesome mountain gun that weighs 8.6 pounds scoped. Only getting rid of the gun because of necessity. Shoots the 166 a tip and the 168 berger phenomenal. Look up the 7MM Sherman...
  20. LVJ76

    7mm Sierra 140gr Prohunter Spitzer

    I have 289 ct of 7mm 140gr Sierra Prohunter Spitzers, one sealed and and two open boxes with bullet count verified. $125.00 shipped flat rate priority mail in CONUS Thanks for looking.