For Sale Weatherby Brass

    Once Fired Weatherby 7mm Weatherby Magnum Brass - 62 pieces $60.00 Shipped CONUS

    For Sale Weatherby Dies

    7mm Weatherby RCBS Dies great condition - $40 shipped
  3. J

    Non-recovered Elk - my fault or bullet failure or both?

    I need some group thought/opinion. Shot an elk in CO this week and failed to recover the animal. Using a 7mm Sherman Short with 175gr Berger Hunter elite hunters @ 2925fps. Long story short, I got to 375 yards on a cow elk that was uphill at 17 degrees. Had plenty of time to run my...
  4. tr175


    New, never shot custom 7 PRC. New Rem Arms production 700 action blueprinted, lapped lugs, tactical bolt handle, fluted bolt, black cerakoted, flat shoe trigger, bedded in an AG Composites Carbon Visigoth stock. Barrel is a 22" proof research light sendero contour 1:8 twist with threaded &...
  5. jwolff

    SOLD/EXPIRED .284/7mm Barnes and Bergers

    New unopened boxes! The picture should say it all, but either or both are up for grabs. Barnes LRX 168gr 40$ Berger EOL 195gr 60$ Price is to your door. PayPal/Venmo
  6. PrecisionRx

    Sierra Gameking 7mm 175gr

    5 boxes of 7mm Sierra Gamekings 175gr. $50/box plus shipping.
  7. Stringstalker

    Browning x bolt hells canyon LR new in box 7mm Remington mag.

    I have this new gun chambered in a 7mm rem mag. Zero bullets shot out of it. I have three 7mm rem mags. I don’t need this one. $1,000
  8. LVJ76

    7mm-08 Rem and 223 Rem brass, New unprimed Remington brass

    New Remington unprimed brass. Prices shipped CONUS. - 7mm-08 Rem 50ct = $40.00 - 223 Rem 100ct = $40.00 Thanks for looking Luis
  9. LVJ76

    ANOTHER PRICE DROP: Hornady 7mm 139gr and 154gr Interbond

    I have 2 boxes of Hornady 7mm 139gr Interbond, one full sealed and one open with 89 bullets. Also have one open box of 154gr Interbond with 79 bullets. I prefer to sell them all 3 together, if not then I'll split them. Prices shipped conus: - All 3 boxes = WAS $185, NOW $160 - 139gr Interbond...
  10. VICOMB

    RCBS 7mm Weatherby Die Set

    7mm Weatherby RCBS Dies great condition - $45 shipped
  11. VICOMB

    160gr Partition .284 cal 7mm

    I have a full box of 50 and 50 in a bag. $110 shipped in lower 48 Venmo or PP F&F
  12. D

    SOLD/EXPIRED Classic Nosler Rifle for sale - 28 Nosler

    This is one of the original Nosler rifles designed by John Nosler himself. $2,400 new. I picked it up when i worked for the company. Firearm was a media rifle used by journalists and others during range days. I had the company gunsmith re-barrel it from 26 to 28 nosler, square the bolt face, and...
  13. VICOMB

    7mm Weatherby RCBS Die Set

    7mm Weatherby RCBS Die Set in great condition. $50 shipped in CONUS
  14. C

    New in box Christensen Arms Ridgeline 7mm left handed

    I’m selling a new in box left handed Christensen Arms Ridgeline 7mm. Carbon barrel and stock, muzzle break. This is a $2,225 gun that I will part with for $1500
  15. C

    Left Handed Christensen Arms Ridgeline 7mm (New in Box)

    New in Box Carbon fiber Christensen Arms Ridgeline 7mm. Left handed. Never Fired & still in the box. 26” carbon barrel. Any questions call Cory 801-875-5367. $1900
  16. VICOMB

    7mm Weatherby RCBS Dies

    7mm Weatherby RCBS Dies great condition - $65 shipped
  17. J

    McGuire Ballistics 168 Copper Rose

    I want to start by saying that I have never been a copper bullet guy, I have always shot cup and core lead bullets and never really had any intentions of going away from that. Recently I came across these McGuire Ballistics Copper Rose bullets and I saw the great BC and they caught my attention...
  18. VICOMB

    Weatherby Accumark 7mm Weatherby Magnum - Excellent Condition with bases, rings, dies, brass, and bullets

    Used, but never hunted with less than 200 shots, a true safe queen! Comes with Leupold bases and 30mm high Leupold rings * RCBS reloading dies #13701 * Brass - 6 wby & 23 Federal Premium * 1 – Lock-N-Load Modified Case 7mm wby * 13 – Weatherby 160gr Accubond cartridges * 17 - Federal Premium...
  19. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm , 44cal bullets

    7mm 165gr Sierra game changers new sealed box price=$38 7mm 132gr cutting edge Maximus 30 bullets in box price=$30 44cal hornady 265gr ftx 50 bullets in box was opened to look at bullets price=$20
  20. B

    Remington 700 7mm rum price?

    I took in a Remington 700 in 7mm rum, with an ugly Boyd’s rainbow colored stock I’ve since painted. But I want to know if there’s a value for this rifle. I’ve looked at other chassis’s & stocks. All very expensive, and hard to find one that’ll work for the RUM. What’s the value for something...