1. Sgt. grizz

    6.5x284 vs. 6.5 PRC

    Hey guys I don’t know a lot about the 6.5prc but I do have a custom 6.5x284 1/8 twist that I built on a LA which gave me the ability to throat the chamber about 1/4 inch and run my bullet out farther, now I can run more powder and get faster speeds out of my 147gn bullet. Since I already have...
  2. Y

    Having issues working up a load

    Im trying too many new components and getting some strange results. Im not sure where to go from here. HBN, Berger 156 EOL, Vihtavuori N565, CCI 250 Mag primers, Norma 6.5x284 brass. First time trying Hexagonal Boron Nitride. Purchased from Bulletcoatings.com. Followed the instructions to clean...
  3. HeathGT

    Custom Rem. 700 6.5x284, Proof, Manners, Trigger Tech

    I am selling my 6.5x284. It is on a trued 700 long action with a 1:8 Proof 26'' Sendero lite barrel and Manners EH-1 stock with Remington detachable magazine, side bolt release, and trigger tech trigger. Total weight is 7lbs 8oz. The action is cereThere is absolutely nothing wrong with this...
  4. westcliffe01

    Savage 116 CBI Match 6.5x284 Viper PST 6-24x50 FFP $1425

    This started life as a Savage 116 (stainless steel) long action with a synthetic stock. I bought a CBI match 6.5x284 26" varmint contour barrel (1:8 twist) for it together with a NSS precision nut and heavy recoil lug. I got a new VLP laminate stock, since it is my favorite factory stock...
  5. Nomad8961

    LAW M704 build in 6.5x284

    Just stsrted my build. Specs are as follows, Law m704 LA, parts to come are kreiger barrel in remington scendero profile finished at 26” with flutes and threaded muzzle, a Grayboe terrain stock in OD green, topping in with talley mounts and a Viper PST gen II 3-15x44 FFP. When Im finished it...
  6. Nomad8961

    New to the forum

    Hey everyone, Im new to the forum and also happen to be building a 6.5x284 and also sprucing up a savage 110 tactical in 25-06 amoung other things sitting in my safe. Any good info on either one would be appreciated. Also newish to reloading. So anyways, glad to have alot if info from the forum...
  7. BigBuck74

    6.5x284 Cooper 22 Phoenix & Nightforce NXS

    REDUCTION!! $2850 SHIPPED WITH NIGHTFORCE!! Up for sale is another fine rifle. It is the Cooper Phoenix chambered in 6.5x284. Gun is like new, sharp rifling, less than 200rnds through it. Single shot. And it comes with a Nightforce NXS 5.5-22×56 with Zero stop, included is nightforce base and...

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