6.5 prc

  1. C

    6.5 prc build

    LRH Members, Please Help! My father in law is interested in building a 6.5 PRC. I do not know a ton about the cartridge, but it seems pretty intriguing. One question, can I build this rifle on a standard SA Remington 700 hinged floorplate? Or do I have to extend the magazine? He only wants...
  2. BigBuck74

    Gunwerks custom proof barrel 6.5 prc

    For sale is custom rifle, chambered for 6.5 PRC out of Council Mountain Gun works. Here is the build. - Gunwerks action and picatinney bases - McMillan Game Scout stock molded in camo to match the cerakote - Proof Research Sendero barrel - Calvin Elite trigger - BDL bottom metal - Hawkins...
  3. 300whisper

    WTT Rhino Arms AR10 for 6CM or 6.5PRC

    WTT Rhino Rifles AR10 for seekins Havak or Bergara Premier in 6CM or 6.5PRC. I got bit hard by the PRS bug and what an exclusively dedicated rifle. Have a Rhino Arms AR10 in .308. Following specs. Make: Rhino Arms Caliber: .308 WIN Receiver Set: Rhino Series Billet Aluminum with black...
  4. MT_Swagger

    Montanan. Favorite hobby is LR hunting, shooting steel, And reloading.

    Eat beef! drill oil! and build the [email protected]#! Wall! Heavy equipment operator/project manger from the big sky country. .270 is my favorite rifle. Im here mostly for the classifieds. I am Looking around for a 6.5x.284 norma. Or 6.5 PRC
  5. F

    Savage small shank 6.5 PRC barrel package

    Hey guys, I have a McGowan 6.5 PRC prefit barrel for sale here. McGowan #5 contour, 26", recessed crown, threaded 5/8x24 (comes with the protector that was made with barrel), 1-7 twist to stabilize the heavies. It will come with a PVA jet blast brake. I also have Hornady dies and 100 count...
  6. X

    6.5 PRC Build

    hi guys, I tried a search on the topic and couldn’t find any threads so appreciate any guidance you can offer. Long story short, I’ve been planning and saving for a 6.5-284 build and now wonder about a 6.5 PRC instead. Thoughts? Where should I go for latter if that is best path? Thanks, Jeff
  7. D

    Hornady Headspace Comparator for 6.5 PRC

    As the title states, does anyone know which Hornady Headspace Comparator should be used with the 6.5 PRC? Many thanks.
  8. D

    6.5 PRC Ejector Mark - Factory Ammo

    I finally got to break in my new bolt action 6.5 PRC last night and to my dismay an ejector swipe / mark was left on every factory round (Hornady 143gr ELD-X). I loaded up 20 rounds with charges of H1000 from 55-57gr using 147gr ELD-M bullets (2.94" OAL) and saw the same marks. Any ideas on...

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